Rhino Hay Equipment. Manage Your Hay Fields With Ease

Rhino has been in the agricultural business for over 50 years. The leading innovators for decades, Rhino products are built to work hard for you, and you can trust in their quality, reliability, and value. Serving the specialty needs of farmers and ranchers as well as the broad needs of municipal and commercial work, Rhino has equipment for any task.

For fast, efficient hay operations, equip yourself with Rhino, crop rakes, hay tedders and disc mowers. Rugged discs make cutting easy, while crop-drive wheel rakes gently form even windrows, and durable hay tedders promote fast, even drying. Rhino provides economical, dependable tools for any large or small operation. Rhino is a great fit for a multitude of Case IH and Kubota tractors. Alternate options for hay and field management can be found at New Mexico Machinery under hay & forage tools and harvesters.

You can trust Rhino's strong foundation built on decades of experience and expertise. Whatever your needs, Rhino has you covered. To find your Rhino hay equipment, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

Rhino Hay Equipment Lineup

Crop Driven Rakes

With no hydraulics, no drivelines, and no belts, Rhino's five series of crop driven rakes provide gentle raking for minimum crop damage and maximum equipment life. With fifteen sizes to choose from, as well as a optional windrower turner attachments, you can customize the rake to your operation's needs. Spring steel dinger wheels prevent crop twisting or roping. These crop driven rakes are deal for ranchers, corporate hay producers, and custom farming operations. More details on Rhino Crop Driven Rakes.

Crop Driven Rake Series:
  • 3 pt. Wheel Rakes
  • Rake Caddy
  • V-Rakes
  • Bi-Fold Rakes
  • Dual-Fold Rakes
  • Swift Rakes
Uses and Applications:
  • Weekend Farmers
  • Cattle Ranchers
  • Ranchers
  • Custom Farming Operations
  • Corporate Hay Producers

Hay Teeders

Rhino's pull-type hay tedders, available in three models, aid in speeding the hay drying process for better hay and higher returns. Equipped with gentle but durable spring steel tines, the tedders turn, spread, and lift the hay, preventing caking and encouraging better airflow through the crop. Manual height adjustments are easy. Low horsepower requirements, slip clutch driveline protection, and narrow transport width make this the clear choice for your hay applications. More details on Rhino Hay Tedders.

Uses and Applications:
  • Weekend Farmers
  • Ranchers
  • Custom Farming Operations
  • Corporate Hay Producers
Hay Teeders PT207 PT405 PT405H
Working Width (Approx.) 10' 17' 1" 17'1"
Approximate Transport Width 10' 10' 10'
Folding N/A Spring Assist Hydraulic
Working Speed (MPH) 5-10 5-10 5-10
Required Tractor Horsepower 15 HP 22 HP 22 HP
PTO 540 RPM w/Slip Clutch 540 RPM w/Slip Clutch 540 RPM w/Slip Clutch
Number of Rotors 2 4 4
Number of Arms 12 24 24
Number of Tires 2 4 4
Approximate Weight 385 lbs 830 lbs 850 lbs

Disc Mowers

Rhino's AGM disc mower is an economical solution to your operation's needs. Outfitted with rugged cutter discs designed to withstand high speed operations in even rocky terrain, the disc mower is built to last in the toughest jobs. The swathboard leaves a clean cut, showing you where you've been, increasing efficiency and crop yield. An adjustable flotation system creates customizable and consistent ground pressure. Make perfect hay with this perfect unit. More details on Rhino Disc Mowers.

Uses and Applications:
  • Ideal for Average & Medium Heavy Hay Crops
  • Native Grass
  • Bermuda Grass
  • Fescue
  • Alfalfa
Disc Mowers AGM52 AGM62 AGM72 AGM82
Mowing Width 6.9' 8' 9.4' 10.5'
Number of Discs 5 6 7 8
Number of Blades Per Disc 2 2 2 2
Driveline Size Cat 4 Cat 4 Cat 4 Cat 4
Min. Horsepower Requirements 40 45 50 55
Max. Opearating Angle (Down) 30° 30° 30° 30°
PTO Speed 540 RPM 540 RPM 540 RPM 540 RPM
Safety Cutrain Std. Std. Std. Std.
Weight (Approx.) 904 lbs. 1100 lbs. 1232 lbs. 1430 lbs.

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