Case IH Tractor Attachments Maximize Your Versatility In The Field

You can count on attachments from Case IH. Designed with your task in mind the Case IH mowers, finish mowers, rotery cutters, loaders, backhoes, blades, rakes, tillers, disc harrows, brooms and snowblowers will have you comfortably seating in a wide range of Case IH tractors, skid steers and UTV's. Case IH caters to every need, from specialty crop farmers to livestock ranchers to the large land owner.

Case loader attachments, designed for Farmall Tractors, are rugged and hardworking. Case mower attachments are mid-mount or rear-mount mowers. The finish mower and rotary cutter are both pull-type mowers. The BH Series utility backhoe attachments work hard so you don’t have to. With a wide range of front blade, rear blade, and box blade scrapers, you can move material. Rake attachments sift debris. Rotary tiller attachments and disk harrow attachments manage crop residue and preparation. For snow removal, broom attachments and snow blower attachments are up to the task.

From broom to blade, Case IH attachments are designed from the ground up by the people who know the needs of the industry best – you. To find your Case IH attachment, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

Browse the innovative line of Case IH attachments below, click the live links for more details or price your own Case IH Equipment at IRONBUILDER.com

Case IH Loader Attachments

L300 Series Loaders

The L300 Series loaders are designed expressly for Farmall compact tractors, with industry-leading compatibility. The mid-mount attachment and Quick-Latch system make installation and removal quick, letting you easily switch between attachments so you can handle multiple tasks efficiently. The curved boom arm is strong and durable, granting excellent loader visibility. More details on Case IH L300 Series Loaders.

L700 Series Loaders

For outstanding performance and easy operation, Case IH L700 loaders are engineered to handle any farm chore. Built to match the capacity of your Case IH tractor, it provides greater productivity through higher implement control. The spring-loaded Quick Mount design keeps pins with the loader, making attachment and removal easy. More details on Case IH L700 Series Loaders.

Work EZ® Loaders

Case IH Work EZ® front-end loaders are built to fit Case IH Legacy tractors, but they also fit most brands of new and used tractors, too. Heavy-duty and easy to attach, Work EZ® Loaders can quickly handle a variety of tough jobs. The optional Soft Ride suspension dampens load shocks, providing smooth operation. More details on Case IH Work EZ® Loaders.

Case IH Backhoe Attachments

Utility Backhoes

Case IH BH Series utility backhoes work hard so you don't have to. Designed to be lightweight for easy attachment and removal, they're tough as nails when it comes to getting the task done. They work well in tight quarters and cause minimum soil compaction. For portability, flexibility, and performance, choose from a full range of buckets to suit any digging operation. More details on Case IH Utility Backhoes.

Case IH Tiller & Harrow Attachments

Rotary Tillers

Case IH TL Series rotary tillers are designed and built for years of service. Control weeds and prepare seedbeds with ease. Box-steel frames and steel decks provide rugged durability and strength, while accessible lubrication points make maintenance easy. Find the model to suit your Case IH tractor and your operation's needs. More details on Case IH Rotary Tillers.

Work EZ Disk Harrows

Save money without sacrificing performance with a Case IH Work EZ disk harrow. Quality steel disks chop weeds, loosen soil, and break through crop residue. Each of the twenty 18” steel disks is capable of achieving a 6” cutting depth. It can fit any compact or utility tractor from 20 to 60 hp. More details on Case IH Work EZ Disk Harrows.

Case IH Mower & Cutter Attachments

Mid-mount Mowers

Case IH MW Series mid-mount mowers are customizable and versatile. With a choice of three cutting widths and side- or rear- discharge, you can find the tool to keep lawns looking their best. They are also compatible with Case IH Loaders, so you can switch to loader work without removing the mower, saving time. More details on Case IH Mid-mount Mowers.

Rear-mount Finishing Mowers

Case IH RRX Series rear-mount finishing mowers provide reliable, professional performance. Change from mowing tasks to a range of other chores with ease and speed with three-point mounting. Built for durability, maintenance is easy with automatic belt-tensioning and greasable spindles. Choose from a range of mower widths to meet your needs. More details on Case IH Rear-mount Finishing Mowers.

Rotary Cutters

With superior strength for any situation, Case IH rotary cutters make mowing tasks easy. The heavy-duty and one-piece construction means you have the power and durability to handle any chore. In sizes from 48” to 180”, there’s a model to meet your needs. Get dependable operation with the heavy-duty output shaft and thick gearbox plate. More details on Case IH Rotary Cutters.

Case IH Blade & Rake Attachments

Front Blades Farmall® 31 - 50

Case IH BM Series Quick-Attach front blades give outstanding performance and great convenience. Tool-free attachment makes it easy to gear up and move or level dirt, gravel, sand, and snow. Available in two sizes and equipped with a heat-treated high-carbon steel cutting edge, these blades don't fall down on the job. More details on Case IH Front Blades Farmall® 31 – 50.

Front Blade Farmall® 55 - 60

A BM184 front blade can give your Case IH Farmall® 55 or 60 compact tractor outstanding pushing power, allowing you to move sand, dirt, gravel, manure, or snow with ease. The single-lever joystick makes operation comfortable and simple, while the durable and heat-treated cutting edge holds up against the toughest jobs. More details on Case IH Front Blade Farmall® 55 & 60.

Work EZ Box Blades

Case IH Work EZ box blades are built to last. They're constructed with adjustable, heat-treated scarifier shanks, tough enough for fast grading, scraping, leveling, and backfilling. Though these box blades are heavy-duty workers, they won't be heavy on your wallet with their economical pricing. Designed to be used on any tractor model, they're equipped with a standard three-point hitch. More details on Case IH Work EZ Box Blades.

Work EZ Rear Blades

Case IH Work EZ rear blades are an economical solution to seedbed preparation, landscape grading, construction cleanup, and snow removal tasks. The blades are curved for strength and rigidity, with spacious room for scraped material to collect. The cutting edge is reversible, lengthening its lifespan and cutting costs. Nine models span five- to nine- feet wide, with three duty lines: standard, medium, and heavy duty. More details on Case IH Work EZ Rear Blades.

Work EZ Rakes

Case IH Work EZ landscape rakes provide durable performance at an economical price. Designed for precision soil preparation, Work EZ rakes are ideal for grading, leveling, rock removal, and topsoil spreading. Heavy-duty steel tines, with one to six inch spacing, collect material better, with superior sifting and soil preparation. The standard three-point hitch makes these rakes compatible with almost any tractor brand, model, and year. More details on Case IH Work EZ Rakes.

Case IH Cleanup & Snow Removal Attachments

Quick-Attach Front Rotary Brooms

Case IH BR Series Quick-Attach front rotary brooms are the ideal tool for thorough snow removal and debris cleanup. Tool-free attachment and removal make setup simple. Durable polypropylene bristles and adjustable downward pressure mean it can work hard and work long. A single-lever joystick puts simple operation at your fingertips. More details on Case IH Quick-Attach Front Rotary Brooms.

Quick-Attach Front Snowblowers

Case IH BS Series Quick-Attach front snow blowers give you the power to take down big snow drifts. The Quick-Attach sub-frame makes it easy to attach and remove the blower without tools. The front position grants excellent visibility. The open-design auger prevents wet snow buildup, while the two-stage design lets you blow many varieties of snow with ease. More details on Case IH Quick-Attach Front Snowblowers.

Rear Two-stage Snowblowers

Case IH BS Series rear two-stage snow blowers let you clear several varieties of snow, from fluffy to hard-packed. High-carbon cutting edges provides strength and durability, and are replaceable for easy maintenance. The open-design auger works hard without wet snow buildup. Available in three widths, these blowers are ideal to clear sidewalks, driveways, or parking lots. More details on Case IH Rear Two-stage Snowblowers.