Case IH Harvesting Combines, Grain Pickup Heads, Drapers & Pickers Let You Get The Most From Your Crops

You can count on the harvesting equipment from Case IH. Designed by producers, for producers, they’re built with operator comfort, efficiency, durability, and versatility in mind. Case IH caters to every need, from specialty crop farmers to livestock ranchers.

Case IH Axial-Flow combines are industry leaders in harvesting productivity and grain savings. Case heads increase efficiency and grain savings. The Module Express cotton harvester is a revolutionary picker that creates gin-friendly modules while you harvest, cutting costs and time. Autosoft Cane Harvesters make cane harvesting easy. The sugar cane harvester washes the product as it is picked, increasing returns.

From attachment heads to all-in-one combines, Case IH harvesting tools are designed from the ground up by the people who know the needs of the industry best – you. To find your Case IH harvester, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

Browse the innovative line of Case IH harvesting tools below, click the live links for more details or price your own Case IH Equipment at IRONBUILDER.com

Case IH Combine Series Lineup

Flow® Combines

Carefully matched systems make Case IH Axial-Flow combines industry leaders in productivity and grain savings. With its AFX rotor, fewer moving parts provide easier maintenance and lower overheads, as well as increased quality through grain-on-grain threshing. Calibrated feeders deliver optimum crop flow and grain recovery. Axial-Flow combines produce exceptional grain quality, ideal for food-grade crops as well as crops grown for seed. With an ergonomic cab, long days in the seat are comfortable and productive. More details on Case IH Axial-Flow® Combines.

Case IH Head Series Lineup

Corn Heads

Case IH 3200 Series and 3400 Series corn heads are unmatched for high-capacity and superb quality corn harvesting. With models to match 6- to 12- rows, the heads feature either the standard point-to-point pinching style stalk rolls or the redesigned Hi-Flow front stalk row spirals. Gain added strength from longer stalk rolls with front bearing support. High-capacity tapered roller bearings, heavy-duty castings, and heavy capacity row unit gearbox increases your component reliability. More details on Case IH Corn Heads.

Chopping Corn Heads

For residue management while harvesting, use Case IH 2600 Series chopping corn heads. Point-to-point pinching stalk rolls direct corn stalks towards rotating disk blades, which chop the stalks for a uniform three to four inch cut. Each chopper is driven by an individual high-capacity gear box. When stalk chopping is not necessary, the choppers can be turned off independently of the rest of the corn head. More details on Case IH Chopping Corn Heads.

Draper Heads

To enhance your productivity, use Case IH draper heads. Available in a range of cutting widths and variable speeds and built with matched draper delivery openings, they allow uniform crow flow into your Axial-Flow combine. Both rigid and flexible draper head models provide unparalleled ground coverage. These draper heads are used worldwide and have years of proven performance behind them. More details on Case IH Draper Heads.

Grain & Flex Heads

Increase the efficiency of your crop flow by using Case IH 2010 grain heads and 2020 flex heads. Both flex heads feature a wide, floating auger, providing smooth and low cutting in all field conditions. The stainless steel auger trough increases durability and reduces wear. Count on consistent crop feeding from the full-fingered auger, even in adverse field conditions. More details on Case IH Grain & Flex Heads.

Pickup Heads

Case IH 2016 pickup heads for Axial-Flow combines are made to work in diverse crops and field conditions, and are ideal for harvesting beans, lentils, peas, canola, cereal grains, or grass seed. The belt-type pickup head features four rollers and a belt to gently lift crop into the head. The rake-type pickup head uses combs to comb crop into the head, while the grass seed special is designed to reduce seed loss. More details on Case IH Pickup Heads.

Case IH Cotton Picker Series Lineup

Cotton Express® Cotton Pickers

Case IH Cotton Express cotton pickers yield up to 3% higher efficiency over in-line drum designs. That's because they have largest-in-class basket capacities, increasing your in-field picking time. They also harvest from both sides of the plant, using a patented drum-and-spindle design. The high-flotation dual tires standard on Cotton Express pickers means less soil compaction. In both wide and narrow configurations, you can find the tool to best suit your operation. More details on Case IH Cotton Express® Cotton Pickers.

Module Express™ Cotton Picker

The Case IH: Module Express 625 is the revolutionary, industry-first cotton picker with on-board module building. The Module Express is run by one operator from boll to module. It picks cotton with maximum efficiency and builds cotton modules simultaneously. The modules are consistent, twine- and other packaging- free, and are purposely sized to be ginner-friendly. Dramatically cut labor, equipment, and expenses with a streamlined harvest process. More details on Case IH Module Express™ Cotton Pickers.

Case IH Cane Harvester Series Lineup

Austoft® Cane Harvesters

For a high-performing, low-maintenance cane harvester, look to Case IH 7000 Series Austoft sugarcane harvesters. With industry-leading technology, it provides superior dependability, cane quality, and crop cleaning. With wheeled and tracked models, find the one that suits your operation's terrain. Innovative updates to the engine, cooling package, harvesting functions, and hydraulic system have increased performance, reliability, and versatility. Outfitted with a comfortable cab, long days are easy as well as productive. More details on Case IH Austoft® Cane Harvesters.