See Maximum Results With Case IH Mowers, Balers, Hay and Forage Tools

You can count on Case IH’s mower, balers, hay and forage equipment. Designed by producers, for producers, they’re built with operator comfort, economy, durability, and versatility. Case IH caters to every need, from specialty crop farmers to livestock ranchers.

Case mowers are built tough. With choices of rotary mowers, the TD102 pull-type disc mower, and sicklebar mowers, they can tackle anything from crop management to trimming a lawn. Tractors and combines are made more efficient with headers and windrowers. Build uniform windrows for even drying with a selection of hay rakes, windrow turners and swathers. The FHX300 pull-type forage harvester can take on the toughest crops, making silage harvesting easy. The forage blower features a wide direct-feed auger, reducing stoppages. Case square balers and round balers deliver dense, uniform bales. Attach to a range of Case IH tractors.

From nozzle to wheel, Case IH tractors are designed from the ground up by the people who know the needs of the industry best – you. To find your Case IH hay and forage equipment, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

Browse the innovative line of Case IH mowers, balers, hay & forage tools below, click the live links for more details or price your own Case IH Equipment at IRONBUILDER.com

Case IH Mowers & Mower Conditioner Series Lineup

Rotary Disc Mowers

Case IH MD and MDX Series rotary disc mowers are built to take on rough conditions, providing swift cutting performance, durability, maneuverability, and value. Three heavy-duty models feature heat-treated parts to keep performing cleanly in harsh conditions season after season, while three economy models showcase solid construction. Safety features like the spring-loaded breakaway latch give you security and peace of mind, while easy maintenance lowers overall cost. More details on Rotary Disc Mowers.

Pull-Type Disc Mowers

The Case IH TD102 pull-type disc mower is built to perform. Featuring a simple clevis hitch, it’s easy to your tractor. The modular cutterbar provides superior crop flow and reduces streaking. The PTO driveline comes standard with overload protection. With a low transport height and compact 10’x10’ dimensions, the mower goes wherever you want it to go. More details on Case IH Pull-Type Disc Mowers.

Rotary Disc Mower Conditioners

Case IH DC2 Series rotary disc mower conditioners are available in four models, designed to take on various crops. All models have an option for the new flail conditioning, which provides a more even and thorough drying in grass-type crops. The conditioners feature the industry’s most reliable and rugged modular cutterbed, resulting in superior crop flow. The conditioning systems let you chop or bale sooner, with your choice of conditioning rolls or flail conditioning. More details on Case IH Rotary Disc Mowers.

Sicklebar Mower Conditioner

For smooth cutting in heavy crops, choose the Case IH SC Series sicklebar mower conditioners. With a choice of three widths, the SC101 provides custom-built swaths or windrows. The SC101-HDX2 Series sicklebar header gives you self-propelled capacity and maneuverability. You can rely on the hydrostatic transmission and center pivot design to deliver superior cutting and conditioning. More details on Case IH Sicklebar Mower Conditioners.

Case IH Baler Series Lineup

Large Square Balers

Case IH LB 3 Series large square balers deliver dense, uniform bales. Equipped with the best-in-class knotter, stops are less frequent and daily output is increased. The Electronic Baler Control System allows you to monitor and control baling functions from inside the cab. Maintenance is easy with the automatic oiling and greasing system, and the shielding lifts up for complete access to all maintenance areas. More details on Case IH Large Square Balers.

Round Balers

The RB 4 Series round balers by Case IH build consistent, dense bales, no matter what the crop and field conditions. With very wide pickups, they can manage the widest windrows and pack into the sides of the chamber for firm, stable bales. The endless chevron-patterned belts eliminate the need for lacing maintenance. The floor roll quickly creates an edible core, while the variable bale chamber lets you customize the bale diameter. Available in five models, find a baler to suit your needs. More details on Case IH Round Balers.

Case IH Windrower Series Lineup


Case IH WD 3 Series windrowers combine operator comfort with high performance and power. With turbocharged engines (126-225 hp) and a quiet and spacious cab, you can spend long days in the seat with maximum productivity. The Case IH Multi-Function Propulsion Lever (MFPL) puts control literally at your fingertips. With a wide variety of headers to choose from, you can find the right tools for your crop. The WD 3 Series works hard through heavy cops and wet conditions. More details on Case IH Windrowers.

Draper Headers

Case IH DH Series draper headers are ideal for high-capacity harvesting. With four models and double-knife and double-swath options, you have more choices to better suit your operation. The low-profile cutterbar is ideal for short crops, while the large diameter reel increases efficiency in moving crop to the draper belts. Get maximum control and follow ground contours with the hydraulic flotation system, allowing you to capture everything you grow. The draper headers are compatible with Case IH WDX 2 and WD 3 Series windrowers. More details on Case IH Draper Headers.

Sicklebar Headers

For smooth cutting, gentle handling, and superior performance, choose Case IH HDX 2 Series sicklebar headers. Shear crop cleanly with counter-stroking dual sickles. Built to last, the knives are over-serrated with a double-heat-treated range guard to resist rock damage. The floating auger keeps crop moving smoothly through the conditioning rolls, which come in a variety of options to handle any crop or function. The HDX 2 Series sicklebar headers are compatible with any WD 3 Series windrower. More details on Case IH Sicklebar Headers.

Rotary Disc Headers

Case IH RD Series rotary disc headers come in a variety of widths and capacities to best suit your operation. The RD Series offers superior cutting at unwavering speeds in even the toughest crop conditions. Austempered discs offer extra durability in punishing conditions, and the standard shock protection system protects key disc module drive components. Each disc features two heavy-duty knives. Rugged conditioning rollers keep up with your pace and deliver quality you expect. More details on Case IH Rotary Disc Headers.

Case IH Forage Harvester & Blower Series Lineup

Pull-Type Forage Harvesters

The high-capacity performance of the Case IH FHX300 pull-type forage harvester delivers speed and durability, increasing productivity and decreasing overhead costs. With a wide throat opening, it can take on the toughest crops. Twelve knives span the width of the cutterhead, providing uniform length of cut and high-quality feed. The high-power blower works quickly in wet and dry conditions. Electronic remote controls allow you to rotate the spout, reducing stoppages and increasing daily output. More details on Case IH Pull-Type Forage Harvesters.

Forage Blowers

Fill your silo, up to 100 ft, quickly and easily with the Case IH Model 600 Forage Blower. The high-speed, direct-feeding auger smoothly moves material from hopper to blower and eliminates plugging. The 60” diameter fan provides superior power, while the easy access hopper cuts down on unloading time. The blower features a water inlet flange that increases blower efficiency by removing plant juices that potential gum up the housing and blower. More details on Case IH Forage Blowers.

Case IH Wheel Rake & Merger Series Copy

Wheel Rakes

The high-capacity Case IH WR Series wheel rakes are built to move more hay, faster. With a choice of widths up to 30’3”, they sport durable frames to handle tough terrain. WR401 HD wheel rakes are designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-speed, high-volume, flat-land raking, while the WR101 deluxe carted wheel rakes are compact and maneuverable for hilly terrain, gently moving crops to build fast-drying windrows. Component-free adjustable rakes make it easy to build the right windrow for your crop and field conditions. More details on Case IH Wheel Rakes.

Crop Mergers

Make every pass more productive with Case IH CM Series crop mergers. Efficiently combine swaths, increasing windrow crop volume, matching high-capacity forage harvesters. Choose from the fixed tongue model or two hydraulic swing tongue models to best suit your operation’s needs. Heavy-duty, extra-wide ribbed cross conveyors smoothly accommodate high-capacity material flow, increasing the quality and efficiency. Easy adjustments can alter the direction of crop merging and the height of the gauge wheels. More details on Case IH Mergers.