Case IH Planters and Seeders Deliver Measurable Results

You can count on the planting and seeding equipment from Case IH. Designed by producers, for producers, they’re built with operator comfort, efficiency, durability, and versatility in mind. Case IH caters to every need, from specialty crop farmers to livestock ranchers.

For superior seed placement, the 1200 Series Early Riser planters is unmatched in accuracy and speed. Precision Air Cart air seeders provide smooth product distribution, while the Flex Hoe series drill seeders let you customize options to fit your needs. The Precision disk no-till air drill provides industry-leading depth control. These seeders and air drills create optimum seed-to-soil contact and seedbed conditions, resulting in early germination and uniform emergence for higher crop yields.

From meter to toolbar, Case IH planting and seeding tools are designed from the ground up by the people who know the needs of the industry best – you. To find your Case IH planting and seeding equipment, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

Browse the innovative line of Case IH planters and seeders below, click the live links for more details or price your own Case IH Equipment at IRONBUILDER.com

Case IH Planter Series Lineup

Patriot® Series Sprayers

Case IH 1200 Series Early Riser planters give you accurate, reliable, and productive service. The Advanced Seed Meter is unmatched in accuracy, versatility, and speed, with three-spool seed singulation that virtually eliminates skips and doubles. The Early Riser row unit optimizes seedbed conditions, promoting earlier emergence and higher yield potential. Expect prime depth control, superior seed-to-soil contact, consistent seed spacing, and high field operating speeds. More details on Case IH 1200 Series Early Riser® Planters.

Case IH Air Cart Series Lineup

Precision Air® Carts

For superior no-till air seeding, Case IH Precision Air carts provide accurate metering and smooth product distribution. Multiple tanks let you deliver seed, fertilizer or granular products with single-pass efficiency. Each meter is equipped with air valve controls for accurate delivery. In-cab monitoring and control puts you in charge. Maneuverable and rugged, the cart's construction gives it excellent flotation and stability. More details on Case IH Precision Air® Carts.

Case IH Air Drill Series Lineup

Flex Hoe Air Drills

Case IH Flex Hoe Series air hoe drills are the ultimate in customization. With choices in rigid and flex wing styles, widths, openers, seeding styles, trips, shanks and packing options, you can tailor these air hoe drills to your operation. With a four-bar frame, residue flow is smooth, and depth control across the entire machine is made simple with hydraulic cylinders and the single-point depth adjustment. More details on Case IH Flex Hoe Air Drill.

Precision Hoe™ Air Drill

The Case IH Precision Hoe 800 air hoe drill delivers high precision seed and fertilizer placement and residue flow. Its patented parallel link row unit and single shank design gives it superior residue flow in uneven terrain and no-till conditions. With its rear-folding toolbar, the air hoe drill allows wide working widths while providing easy transport. In-cab control lets you monitor and alter drill functions. The Precision Hoe 800 is ideal for large acreages with small-seed crops like wheat, canola, and more. More details on Case IH Precision Hoe™ Air Drils.

Precision Disk No-Till Air Drills

Case IH Precision Disk Series single disk no-till air drills provide industry leading depth control and consistent seed placement. Even in high residue conditions, it offers superior low disturbance seeding. Flotation tires and walkbeam design create consistent toolbar height, while adjustable opener down pressure and row spacing optimizes the Precision Disk series to your operation. Reduce soil disturbance, improve residue clearance, and minimize weeds. More details on Case IH Precision Disk No-Till Air Drills.