Get Higher Yields At Lower Costs With Case IH Precision Farming Tools

Case IH is at the leading edge of innovation. With revolutionary guidance and steering controls, you can be more efficient and productive. With a host of machine and implement controls, you can track yield and moisture. And monitoring seeding, fuel usage, and more is easy. Case IH caters to every need, from specialty crop farmers to agricultural development.

Case IH software integrates directly with a variety of their new combines, sprayers, planters, and more. These tools give you repeatable accuracy, application control, overlap reduction, lowered input costs, and maximized yield potential. You also get detailed, customizable maps and mapping analysis. From hands-free operation to precision GPS guidance, Case IH has the Advanced Farming Systems to help you control to the entire crop production cycle.

From Machine Function and Implement Control to Customer Service, Case IH AFS is designed from the ground up by the people who know the needs of the industry best – you. To learn more about Case IH Advanced Farming Systems, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

Browse the innovative line of Case IH precision farming technology below, click the live links for more details or price your own Case IH Equipment at IRONBUILDER.com

Case IH Precision Farming Lineup

AFS Application Control

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) application control tools will increase your planting, seeding, and spraying efficiency. The AFS Pro 600 allows you to integrate your planting and harvesting information, while the AGGPS Fieldmanager display lets you monitor, map, and control your applications. Aim Command Spray Technology increases your efficiency. AFS Application Control is available on Case IH Precision Spray Series sprayers, Precision Air Series air carts, Early Riser planters, and Patriot Series sprayer. More details on AFS Application Control.

AFS Guidance & Steering

Case IH AFS guidance and steering tools optimize your farm’s productivity. With AgGPS Autopilot automatic steering system, you can achieve hands-free operation and guidance of tractors, sprayers, and combines. The AgGPS True-Tracker Implement Steering System keeps your tillage tools, sprayers, cultivators, planters, and more on the straight, repeatable path you want. For more control in your hands, the AgGPS EZ-Guide navigation systems put accurate and precise mapping controls at your fingertips. More details on AFS Guidance & Steering.

AFS Machine Function & Implement Control

To keep track of and control key tractor, combine, implement, baler, and cotton picker functions, look to Case IH Advanced Farming System tools. AFS machine function and implement control displays vital information such as fuel level, work rate, engine load, slip, distance, and area. The AFS Pro 700 features a touch screen display so you can interface with the information. More details on AFS Machine Function & Implement Control.

AFS Mapping & Analysis

With Case IH AFS Desktop Software, you can map, manage, measure, analyze, and control your agricultural operation. This software allows you to generate maps of yield, as-applied, and prescription. AFS Field Performer software lets you record individual operator performance, fuel usage, engine efficiencies, and acres per hour. You can view, edit, and manage your precision farming data collected by your AFS equipment. Case IH AFS mapping and analysis software puts precision farming at your fingertips. More details on AFS Mapping & Analysis.

AFS Yield & Moisture Monitoring

The AFS Yield and Moisture Monitor by Case IH will measure grain temperature flow and yield, crop temperature, and moisture levels. It is compatible on Axial-Flow combines and provides uniform, dry weight baseline yield measurement. Keep track of the pounds harvested, yield data, real-time cotton flow, and create yield maps with the AFS Cotton Yield Monitor equipped on Cotton Express and Module Express cotton pickers. Case IH is proud to have the industry first factory-installed yield monitors on our combines. More details on AFS Yield & Moisture Monitoring.

AFS Customer Support

Case IH has your back covered. For questions concerning our AFS hardware or software, give the AFS Customer Support Center a call at 1-888-CASE-AFS (1-888-2273237). Their trained AFS professionals are there to help Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm (Central Standard Time). For the first year of your combine, planter, or sprayer warranty, the calls are free, and only $25 per issue fee after the warranty period. More details on AFS Customer Support.

For AFS AccuGuide autoguidance systems help, contact us at New Mexico Machinery, your Case IH dealer.

For subscriptions to OmniSTAR, call us with the model and serial number of your receiver.

AFS Pro 600 Monitor

Case IH has a full range of online tutorials to help you set up, calibrate, and use your AFS Pro 600 color display. From basic display setup to frame calibration, these tutorials are available 24/7 at CaseIH.com. These step-by-step video tutorials are a great resource that are clear and easy to use. More details on AFS Pro 600 Monitor.