Command Your Crops With Case IH Application Equipment

You can count on application equipment from Case IH. Designed by producers, for producers, they're built with operator comfort, fuel- and cost- efficient engines, durability, and versatility. Case IH caters to every need, from specialty crop farmers to livestock ranchers.

Case fertilizer application equipment, like the 810 Flex-Air™ Applicator, ensure uniform granular fertilizer placement. For liquid fertilizer applications, the Titan™ Series Floaters provides industry-leading performance. Precision Spray Series crop sprayers gives best-in-class application. With innovations to reduce soil compaction and increase productivity, choose Case IH’s fertilizer applicators and sprayers for years of dependable service.

From nozzle to wheel, Case IH tractors are designed from the ground up by the people who know the needs of the industry best - you. To find your Case IH fertilizer spreader, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form.

Browse the innovative line of Case IH application equipment below, click the live links for more details or price your own Case IH Equipment at IRONBUILDER.com

Case IH Sprayer Series Lineup

Patriot® Series Sprayers

Case IH Patriot® Series sprayers come in three sizes, so you can get the machine that fits your needs. Each sprayer is built to achieve strength and structural rigidity while minimizing soil compaction. These sprayers leave fewer ruts, go more places, and get you into wet fields sooner. That means better productivity, higher efficiency, and greater returns. Features like the Surveyor cab, active suspension, and Aim Command™ spray system make Patriot® Series Sprayers the industry leaders. More details on Patriot® Series Sprayers.

AIM Command® Spray Systems

Case IH Aim Command™ Spray System gives you control over your application needs. Multiply the utility of your standard chemical boom by retrofitting it with Aim Command’s patented technology. It uses your existing boom, pump, nozzles, and conventional flow-based rate controllers, saving you time and money. You can change between conventional spraying and Aim Command spraying on the same boom. Spraying pressure, from 2 to 24 GPA, will remain constant regardless of speed, and gives you the almost instantaneous ability to change rates using a single nozzle. More details on AIM Command® Spray Systems.

Precision Spray Series Sprayers

Case IH Precision Spray Series sprayers feature an industry exclusive boom suspension system and a high-clearance cart. This provides stability, accuracy, and best-in-class application. With a choice of 1,000- or 1,600-gal (3785- or 6056-L) tanks, and wheeled or suspended booms from 80-134 ft (24.4-40.8 m), you can get the pull-type sprayer to fit your needs. Equipped with improved flow efficiency and ball valves, nothing gives you better control. More details on Precision Spray Series Sprayers.

Case IH Floater Series Lineup

Titan™ Series Floaters

For floater chassis and applicators that can handle changing and tough terrains, the Case IH Titan™ Series delivers accurate application of fertilizer and chemicals. Each floater is customizable with three- or four- wheel configurations, two engine sizes, boom widths, single or multiple bins, tires, variable-rate application technologies. The surveyor cab, smooth transmission, and efficient engine top off the industry-leading performance. More details on Titan™ Series Floaters.

810 Flex-Air™ Applicator

For accurate application of granular herbicides and dry fertilizer, look no further than the Case IH 810 Flex-Air™ applicator. Its bin is sectioned, co-applying rather than blending for supreme accuracy. You can change rates instantly with meters near the distribution point. With a mid-mounted boom, it gets unmatched stability and reduced boom-hop. More details on 810 Flex-Air™ Applicator.

610 Liquid System

Compatible with your Case IH Titan floater chassis, the Case IH 610 Liquid System makes liquid fertilizer application accurate and easy. Available with two tank sizes, large booms, and stainless steel plumbing, the 610 is designed to quickly cover maximum acreage. Full length sumps ensure uninterrupted product flow and complete product cleanout. Internal baffles provide security and stability. The hydraulically controlled pump delivers reliable product application, acre after acre. More details on 610 Liquid System.

Fertilizer Applicators

With root zone banding, Case IH fertilizer application equipment makes your investment count. With options of mounted or pull-types, Case IH fertilizer applicators increase nutrient uptake and minimize runoff, boosting yields and delivering high returns. You can match the toolbar length to your needs, secure in the knowledge that your equipment is sound, durable, and effective. More details on Fertilizer Applicators.