Case IH Disk Harrows, Primary & Vertical Tillers, Seedbed & Cultivator Tools Are The Best

You can count on the tillaging equipment from Case IH. Designed by producers, for producers, they're built with operator comfort, efficiency, durability, and versatility in mind. Case IH caters to every need, from specialty crop farmers to livestock ranchers.

Case IH True-Tandem disk harrows provide superior seedbed preparation. The drag harrow Heavy-Offset 790 deep-till crop residue. Case has your primary tillage needs covered with a selection of disk plows, in-line rippers, and chisel plows. For soil tillage that doesn't disturb crop residue, the True-Tandem 330 Turbo is the ideal vertical tillage tool. The Tiger-Mate 200 field cultivator and Crumbler 160 soil conditioner optimize the seedbed. The Nutri-Tiller 5310 is a full customizable crop tiller. New Mexico Machinery offers a variety of tillage tools and tractors to make any job productive.

From disk to hitch, Case IH tillage tools are designed from the ground up by the people who know the needs of the industry best – you. To find your Case IH tillage equipment, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

Browse the innovative line of Case IH application equipment below, click the live links for more details or price your own Case IH Equipment at IRONBUILDER.com

Case IH Disk Harrow Series Lineup


Case IH Heavy-Offset 790 offset disk harrows, available in two models, deliver rugged performance with reliable results. They are ideal for deep-tilling crop residue, incorporating chemicals, or leveling irrigated fields. The disk harrows also have an array of options to match your operation, from crop conditioner attachments to furrow fillers, as well a range of disk blade width and spacing options. With high-capacity bearings and heat-treated blades, you can count on the Heavy-Offset 790 series. More details on Case IH Offset Disk Harrows.


Case IH True-Tandem disk harrows give you full coverage with easy pulling and enhanced stability. Both models, either rigid or flexible, ensure ideal primary tillage, chemical incorporation, and seedbed preparation. With Case IH Earth Metal blades, you can rely on the True-Tandem's durability and effectiveness. Unlike traditional offset harrows, the True-Tandem runs easily, reducing field adjustments. More details on Case IH Tandem Disk Harrows.

Case IH Primary Tillage Series Lineup

Chisel Plow

The Case IH Flex-Till 600 chisel plow can match virtually any soil condition for your deep-till or conservation tillage tasks. Adjustable depth and spacing options optimize the plow's versatile utility. Ideal for leveling, it firms the soil surface and flattens crop residue to reduce soil erosion. Its heavy-duty construction makes it durable and rugged for any task, and its wing design makes it easy to transport. The Flex-Till 600 is powered by 4 to 7 hp per foot (or more in heavy soil conditions). More details on Case IH Chisel Plows.

Disk Rippers

The Case IH disk ripper is the ideal tool for your primary tillage needs. It breaks up compacted soil and cuts and mixes crop residue to increase soil tilth, which promotes even warming to allow earlier spring planting, vigorous root development, increased water absorption, and healthier stands. All of this translates into a better crop and higher returns. With a number of models to choose from, you can find the right disk ripper for your operation. More details on Case IH Disk Rippers.

In-line Rippers

Case IH in-line rippers improve soil health, introducing proper pore size and distribution. Get the soil conservation benefits of no-till farming without sacrificing yields. Revitalize compacted soil while leaving surface crop residue virtually undisturbed, promoting early germination and plant emergence. With three models to choose from, there's an in-line ripper to suit your needs. More details on Case IH In-line Rippers.

Case IH Vertical Tillage Series Lineup

True-Tandem™ 330 Turbo Till

The Case IH True-Tandem 330 Turbo tills crop residue and prepares the soil terrain for the next crop. Moving soil and residue laterally and vertically, it's faster than other tillage operations. It breaks up shallow compaction, takes out weeds, and levels all at once. It also provides a uniform seedbed depth and temperature, optimizing yield potential. Cover a lot of acres quickly and efficiently in spring or fall with the rugged True-Tandem 330 Turbo. More details on Case IH True-Tandem™ 330 Turbo.

Case IH Seedbed Preparation Series Lineup

Field Cultivators

Case IH field cultivators are the key to creating a firm, level seedbed. The Tiger-Mate 200 provides uniform soil distribution and optimum soil tilth, allowing earlier planting, quicker germination and more consistent crop emergence. With three leveling and conditioning system options, the Tiger-Mate 200 field cultivator is equipped to prep your operation’s soil, resulting in excellent yields. More details on Case IH Field Cultivators.

Seedbed Conditioners

The Crumbler 110 and 160 seedbed conditioners by Case IH prep the seedbed while you till the field, adding conditioning without adding time. They reduce clod size, improve levelness, control weeds, and create an ideal seedbed. Get higher yields without adding wear and tear on your tractor. Both models come in a range of sizes, making it easy to find the right tool for your operation. More details on Case IH Seedbed Conditioners.

Case IH Strip-Till Series Lineup

Nutri-Tiller 5310

The Case IH Nutri-Tiller 5310 stril-till system will enhance your fertilizer dollar return as well as your seedbed conditions. Improve soil tilth, band plant food in the root zone, and manage crop residue all at once. With a range of toolbar styles and sizes, you control the fertilizer placement depth and the berm height and shape. For improved seed to soil contact and fertilizer delivery, choose the customizable Nutri-Tiller 5310. More details on Case IH Nutri-Tiller 5310.