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You can count on New Mexico Machinery as Roswell's Certified Case IH Tractor Dealer. Designed by producers, for producers, they're built with operator comfort, fuel- and cost- efficient engines, durability, and versatility. Case IH caters to every need, from specialty crop farmers to livestock ranchers.

Case's 4WD Series are the next generation in high-horsepower tractors, full of industry exclusive features that are tailored to your needs. The Magnum™, Puma®, and Maxxum® series row crop tractors are compact and powerful, with maximum agility and power. Case’s utility tractors, the rugged Farmall® series, can handle any application with ease. The Farmall® Compact series has the power and innovation of Case IH’s larger models, but in a trim, economical package. Case IH offers a wide array of attachments to need the working needs of agricultural lands, dairy farms, hay production and more. New Mexico Machinery can outfit your Case IH tractor with a variaty of attachments and implements from KUHN, Land Pride & Rhino.

From engine to axle, Case IH tractors are designed from the ground up by the people who know the needs of the industry best – you. To find your Case IH tractor, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

Browse the innovative line of Case IH tractors below, click the live links for more details or price your own Case IH Equipment at IRONBUILDER.com

Case IH 4WD Tractor Series Lineup

Steiger® and Quadtrac® 4WD Series 350 – 600 hp

Case IH asked the producers – you – what they looked for in a tractor. They brought that to life in the new Steiger® and Quadtrac® Series 4WD tractors. These high-horsepower tractors are the next generation in operator comfort, maximum uptime, power and performance, and innovation. Look for Case IH’s industry exclusive features, tailored to your needs, helping you farm the way you want. More details on Steiger & Quadtrac 4WD Series Tractor.

Case IH Row Crop Tractor Series Lineup

Magnum™ Series 234 – 389 Max Boosted Engine hp

The Case IH Magnum™ series tractors put control and comfort at your fingertips. They range from 234 to 389 max boosted engine horsepower, meeting emissions requirements without sacrificing muscle. And with the tightest turning radius in the industry and innovative cab suspension, these tractors deliver unbeatable comfort and productivity. Choose the next generation Magnum™ tractors for your row crop operation. More Details Magnum™ Series Tractor.

Puma® Series 105 - 195 PTO

The Puma® series tractors’ turbocharged engines are powerful, efficient, and surprisingly quiet. Ranging from 105 to 195 PTO hp, they’re versatile and able to tackle a wide variety of tasks. Powerful enough for hay and livestock operations, they are well equipped to cater to the specialty needs of vegetable farms. The hydraulics and hitch accommodate remote hydraulic motors, implements, and loaders. More details on Puma® Series Tractor.

Maxxum® Series 90 - 120 PTO hp | 67 - 90 PTO kW

Maxxum® Series tractors are the Multipurpose Workhorses of Case IH. Their turbocharged engines give you more power for less fuel and with less noise. Built with operator convenience in mind, you can handle large workloads for livestock operations, roadside mowing, and row crop applications. The three-point hitch and hydraulic features, you can power a host of implements. Choose the Case IH Maxxum® series for comfort, power, and productivity. More details on Maxxum® Series Tractor.

Case IH Utility Tractor Series Lineup

Farmall® U Series 70 - 90 PTO hp | 52 - 67 PTO kW

Farm-tough utility tractors with deluxe features, Case IH Farmall® U Series can handle any application. Hydraulics and hitches accommodate loaders and implements, and four-cylinder diesel engine provides quiet, efficient power. Equipped with high-capacity hydraulics, full power, comfort, and innovative technology, these are ideal for large hay operations, demanding livestock duties, and heavy loader work. More details on Farmall® U Series Tractor.

Farmall® N Series 62 - 82 PTO hp | 46 - 61 PTO kW

Case IH understands the needs of specialty farmers. The Farmall® N Series tractors are narrow, maneuverable tractors designed for work in orchards, row crops, vineyards, and other applications where space is valuable. Designed with an ergonomic operator environment, long days in the seat are easy and productive. The tractors are built with a low center of gravity, keeping you stable and safe on hilly terrain. More details on Farmall® N Series Tractor.

Farmall® C Series 50 - 80 PTO hp | 37 - 60 PTO kW

Case IH Farmall® C Series tractors are built to maneuver: low profile, low center of gravity, heavy-duty frame, advanced controls, and tough components. They offer outstanding stability and performance in rough terrain and tight spaces. It even works under low ceilings. These compact machines are built to handle any task, and work well for livestock and poultry operations. More details on Farmall® C Series Tractor.

Farmall® Series 52 - 80 PTO hp | 39 - 60 PTO kW

With a four-cylinder diesel engine, the Farmall® Series 52 tractors are Case IH’s basic, multitasking, no-nonsense machines. Standard features, like the heavy-duty 3-point hitch, smooth-engaging PTO, and dedicated hydraulics, provide value-added versatility. For economy and performance, look no further than Case IH’s workhorse. More details on Farmall® Series Tractor.

Farmall® A Series 39 - 66 PTO HP | 29 - 49 kW

The rugged, reliable, and easy to operate Case IH Farmall® A Series tractors are built with dependability and comfort in mind. They offer the power and hydraulics to handle blading, mowing, tilling, and loading. The simple mechanical transmission and fuel efficient engine provide power you can count on. The large, ergonomic platform is built for your comfort. These tractors accommodate a wide range of attachments, increasing versatility and cutting costs. More details on Farmall® A Series Tractor.

Case IH Compact Tractor Series Lineup

Farmall® Compact Series 31 - 60 hp | 23.1 - 44.8 kW

The multitasking Farmall® compact tractors provide flexibility, simplicity, and comfort. With a high performance engine, these tractors finish the job faster on less fuel. You can count on their durability and power. The open deck platform provides comfort and visibility. The heavy-duty three point hitch makes it easy to attach a range of implements, making this the ideal versatile compact tractor. More details on Farmall® Compact Series Tractor.

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