Utility Vehicles From Case IH Help You Work Hard and Play Harder

You can count on the Scout™ UTV from Case IH. Designed by producers, for producers, Case 4 wheeler ATV's/RTV's/UTV's are built with operator comfort, efficiency, durability, and versatility in mind. Case IH caters to every need, from specialty crop farmers to livestock ranchers.

The Case IH Scout™ is the ultimate mid-size utility vehicle. Powerful things come in small packages - delivering 8% more hp than the leading competition, it tackles rough terrain with ease. It can switch from 4WD to 2WD to go easy over topsoil. The Scout XL™ is available in two sizes, and is equipped with a choice of gasoline or diesel powered engines offering a sturdy ride for 2 to 4 passengers. A full size bed box with 800lb carrying capacity makes it a rancher’s best friend. Accessories for both models let you meet any demand. These four wheelers let you explore further, scout faster, and work more efficiently. We have a rugged line of ATV, UTV and RTV utility vehicles.

From engine to brakes, Case IH UTV's are designed from the ground up by the people who know the needs of the industry best - you. To find your Case IH UTV, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

Browse the innovative line of Case IH Scout™ utility vehicles below, click the live links for more details or price your own Case IH Equipment at IRONBUILDER.com

Case IH Scout™ Gas | 2-Passenger UTV Series Lineup

Case IH Scout™

The Case IH Scout is the ultimate mid-size UTV. It can fit in the back of a full-size pickup, but delivers 8% more horsepower and torque than its leading competition. With a 14hp gasoline engine and automotive controls, it’s easy to use. Superior suspension makes rough terrain easy, while on/off 2WD/4WD controls let you go easy on topsoil. With several accessories available, your Case IH Scout can explore, scout, and tackle all your demands. More details on Case IH Scout™.

Case IH Scout XL™ Gas or Diesel | 2 or 4-Passenger UTV Series Lineup

Case IH Scout™

The Case IH Scout XL™ has the options to meet your needs. Available in two- or four- passenger sizes, you can choose a 23hp gas or 20hp diesel engine. 4WD makes for a powerful ride, and 4-wheel disc brakes ensures quick stopping power in any terrain. With full-size 800lb bed box capacity and the 2” hitch, you get more done. Accessories give you the power to customize your Case IH Scout XL™ to meet your demands. More details on Case IH Scout XL™.