Kubota Mowers, Zero-Turn Mowers & Commercial Mowers Cut Down Labor and Costs

New Mexico Machinery is your Certified Kubota Mower Dealer. Whether you're looking for a Kubota zero turn mower like the maneuverable ZD331, or a front mounted mower like the powerful F3680.

Let our experienced professionals help you find the mower that will get the job done, commercial or residential. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best mowers the industry has to offer.

Each Kubota mower is built with innovative design and solid construction. Compatible with a broad range of implements and attachments. Kubota mowers are the perfect tool for your year-round landscaping tasks. With deep mower decks, powerful engines, and agile 4WD, you can expect top quality and high performance from your Kubota mower.

For exceptional quality, durability, and productivity, look no further than Kubota. Tractor mowers, zero turn mowers – no matter what your needs, New Mexico Machinery has the expertise to outfit you with the right tools.

Browse the dependable line of Kubota mowers below or click the live links to Build Your Own.

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Kubota Mower Lineup

Kubota ZD/ZG Series Mowers 20.0 HP – 31.0 HP

Whether you’re maintaining an estate or just mowing your lawn, nothing beats the maneuverability of Kubota’s Zero-Turn Mowers. Their solid construction and high-power gas or diesel engines are built to take the rigors of daily usage. Innovative design and practical features give you the ability to tackle anything that crosses your path. Kubota mowers lead the way in residential and commercial riding mower applications. Check out tractor mower attachments offered by New Mexico Machinery Browse our lineup below or Build Your Own Kubota ZD/ZG Series Mower.

Diesel ZD/ZG Mowers and Zero-Turn Mowers:
  • ZD321 21.0 hp
  • ZD323 23.0 hp
  • ZD326 26.0 hp
  • ZD331 31.0 hp
  • Attachments: Grass Catcher
  • Accessories: Available: Mulching Kit
Gas ZD/AG Mowers and Zero-Turn Mowers:
  • ZG20 20.0 hp
  • ZG23 23.0 hp
  • ZG222 22.0 hp
  • ZG227 27.0 hp
  • ZG327 27.0 hp
  • Attachments: Grass Catcher
  • Accessories: Available: Mulching Kit

Kubota F Series Mowers 25.5 HP – 36.0 HP

The front-mount mowers in Kubota’s F-Series are built to handle your residential and commercial applications. They feature superior 4WD traction, power, and versatility. The shaft drive means your mower and other PTO-driven attachments run smoother and more efficiently. Look no further for a multipurpose mower to suit your needs year round. Browse our lineup below or Build Your Own Kubota F Series Mower.

F Series Commercial Mowesr and Zero-Turn Mowers:
  • F2680E 2WD 25.5 hp (Kubota D1105 Liquid-cooled diesel 3 cyl. engine)
  • F3080 4WD 30 hp (Kubota D1105 Liquid-cooled diesel 3 cyl. engine)
  • F3680 4WD 36 hp (Kubota V1505 Liquid-cooled diesel 4 cyl. engine)
  • Attachments: Debris Blower, Hard Cab, Mowers, Blades, Snow Blowers, Grass Catchers, Sweepers
  • Accessories: Performance Baffle Kits, Mulching Kits, Canopy, Cruise Control, Electric Chute Deflector, Gauge Wheel Kit, Hazard Light Kit, Tachometer, Turn Assist Brakes

Kubota T Series Mowers 18.0 HP – 23.0 HP

The T-Series is the ideal choice for even the most demanding homeowner. Innovative technology makes your residential gardening tasks easy. Equipped with hydrostatic transmission, a choice of engines, and the proprietary 3-in-1 mower deck, the T-Series is sleek, powerful, and cutting-edge. For your mowing, mulching, and gardening needs, the T-Series is the perfect fit. Browse our lineup below or Build Your Own Kubota T Series Mower.

T Series Commercial Mowers and Zero-Turn Mowers:
  • T1880 18.0 hp (Kohler GH540V OHV air-cooled gasoline engine)
  • T2080 20.0 hp (Kohler GH710V OHV air-cooled gasoline engine)
  • T2380 23.0 hp (Kohler GH720V OHV air-cooled gasoline engine)
  • Attachments: Grass Catcher, Front Blade, Snowblower
  • Accessories: Hour Meter, Mulching Kit, Rear Hitch, Hub Caps

Kubota GR Series Mowers 20.0 HP – 21.0 HP

With hydrostatic transmission, power steering, and its innovative Glide Steer technology, the GR-Series is unrivaled for professional results. With the power and reliability you expect from Kubota, the GR-Series line of residential mowers boasts maneuverability, advanced engineering, and low-maintenance durability. Compatible with a variety of implements, let these mowers be your go-to tool, all year round. Browse our lineup below or click here to Build Your Own Kubota GR Series Mower.

GR Series Commercial Mowers and Zero-Turn Mowers:
  • GR2010 20.0 hp
  • GR2110 21.0 hp
  • Attachments: Grass Catcher, Two Stage Snowblower, Front Blade

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