KUHN Manure Spreaders Are The World-Wide Leader From Slurry To Pen Pac

KUHN is the world leader in manure spreaders. With constant innovation and a keen understanding of the needs of the modern day farmer, rancher, dairyman and feed lots, KUHN utilizes the best in industry technology and advancements to keep you at the leading edge.

Increase your soil's nutrients and decrease fertilizer costs by using a KUHN rear discharge spreader or side-discharge spreader. Whether you have a small livestock ranch or a large commercial operation, there is a spreader to meet your needs. Built with the toughest materials, these spreaders provide reliability and durability. Capable of moving anything from solids to slurry, KUHN can handle it. Few moving parts mean increased dependability and less maintenance. Find the model that best suits your operation.

KUHN knows farming equipment. To find your KUHN mixer and bedder, or to learn more, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

KUHN Maure Spreader Lineup

Rear Discharge Spreaders

Rear Discharge Manure Spreader Series:
  • EasySpread Apron Box Spreaders
    • 1212
    • 1215
    • 1219
    • 1224
    • 1230
  • ProSpread Apron Box Spreaders
    • 1130
    • 1140
    • PS 150 – New
    • PS 160 – New
    • PSC 161 – New
    • PSC 171 – New
    • PSC 181 – New
  • ProPush Box Spreaders
    • 2044
    • 2054

Side Discharge Spreaders

KUHN side discharge spreaders feature twin augers that provides consistent material flow. Move any material, from slurry to solids. The “underhand” slinging motion provides accurate and controlled spread patterns, allowing you to utilize the manure’s nutrient value. Quality components like the forged steel hammers and PTO driveline protection make this an ideal machine. Heavy duty construction and optimal design ensures years of reliable service. More details on KUHN Side Discharge Spreaders.

Side Discharge Manure Spreader Series:
  • Slingers
    • 8110
    • 8114
    • 8118
    • 8124
    • 8132
    • 8141
    • 8150

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