KUHN Feed Mixers, Bedders & Straw Blowers Meet Your Bedding & Feeding Needs

Increase the efficiency of your livestock and dairy operation with KUHN TMR mixers, bedders, and feed delivery boxes. With constant innovation and a keen understanding of the needs of the modern day farmer, rancher, dairyman and feed lots, KUHN utilizes the best in industry technology and advancements to keep you at the leading edge.

For fifty-five years, KUHN has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to livestock equipment. KUHN feed delivery boxes are capable of high speed delivery from a single mixing point. Its simple design with few moving parts makes it durable and low-maintenance for dependable, high powered performance. The blowers accommodate square and round bales for feed and bedding distribution. TMR mixers are ideal for blending hay and grain for optimized feed.

KUHN knows farming equipment. To find your KUHN mixer and bedder, or to learn more, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

KUHN Feed Mixer & Bedder Lineup

Straw Blowers & Bale Feeders

KUHN straw blowers and bale feeders are designed to meet and exceed your feed and bedding needs. The Primor bale processors can accommodate both square and round bales. Choose from mounted and semi-mounted models, as well as various options - like the 300 degree swivel discharge chute - to customize to your operation. With low power requirements and the Polydrive belt drive, you get fast and consistent hay distribution. More details on KUHN Straw Blowers & Bale Feeders.

Straw Blower & Bale Feeder Series:
  • Mechanical Beater
    • Primor 2060M
    • Primor 3570 - New
    • Primor 5570 - New

Feed Mixers

KUHN TMR mixers are available in a range of models, certain to have the right one for your needs. They are capable of mixing hay, grain, or any combination. Vertical Maxx mixers can handle round bales and are the most versatile in the series. With reel mixers and vertical auger mixers, there is a machine to best suit your livestock operation’s needs. More details on KUHN TMR Mixers.

TMR Mixer Series:
  • Single Auger Vertical TMR Mixers
    • 5127
    • 5135
    • 5143
    • VSL 142 - New
    • VSL 150 - New
  • Two-Auger Vertical TMR Mixers
    • 5132
    • 5144
    • 5156
    • 5168
    • VTC 180 - New
    • VTC 1100 - New
  • 4-Auger Horizontal TMR Mixers
    • 4052
    • 4063
    • 4072
    • 4090
    • 4136
    • 4142
  • Reel TMR Mixers
    • 3115
    • 3120
    • 3125
    • 3130
    • 3136
    • 3142
    • RC 150 - New
    • RC 160 - New
    • RC 170 - New
    • RC 195 - New

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