KUHN Mowers. Get Any Job Done With Front Mount, Trailed Disc, Triple Head, Offset, Folding Mowers & Conditioners

KUHN mowers, landscape maintenance and hay tools deliver the quality you demand. With constant innovation and a keen understanding of the needs of the modern day farmer and rancher, KUHN utilizes the best in industry technology and advancements to keep you at the leading edge.

KUHN, the company that pioneered disc-cutting technology, offers trailed, mounted, and offset mowers. With various cutterbar widths and configurations, these mowers suit large and small operations, providing reliable service and unsurpassed productivity. Flotation and optional gauge wheels give a smooth, even cut over uneven terrain. Built to keep up with higher horsepower tractors and large acreages, they serve the needs of the modern farmer. Mower conditioners give optimum performance for hay, alfalfa, and other crops.

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KUHN Disc Mower & Conditioner Lineup

Disc Mowers

KUHN mowers are brought to you by the company who invented disc-cutting technology. KUHN has developed and produced hundreds of thousands of cutterbars, from the front mounted mowers to trailing mowers and mounted drum mowers. With optimal performance, there are mowers ideal for both small and large operations. Reliable construction and design means these mowers can keep up with increased horsepower and large acreages, providing a smooth, fast cut every time. More details on KUHN Mowers.

KUHN Mower Series Lineup:
  • Front Mounted Disc Mowers
    • GMD 802
  • Select Economy Disc Mowers
    • GMD 55
    • GMD 66
  • Trailed Disc Mowers
    • GMD 283 TG
    • GMD 3150 TL – New
    • GMD 3550 TL – New
    • GMD 4050 TL – New
  • Triple Head Disc Mowers
    • GMD 883
  • Horizontal Fold Disc Mowers
    • GMD 3110
    • GMD 3510
    • GMD 4010
    • GMD 4410
  • Vertical Fold Disc Mowers
    • GMD 400
    • GMD 500
    • GMD 600 GII HD
    • GMD 700 GII HD
    • GMD 800 GII HD
  • Mounted drum mowers
    • PZ 170 – New

Mower Conditioners

KUHN has been the pioneering forerunner of innovation in mower conditioners for decades. Expert design and construction means you get optimum performance for your grass or alfalfa conditioning applications. The FingerComb system has provided outstanding, versatile crop conditioning. With easy adjustments, changeable crop and field conditions present no problem. Keeping up with the demands of the modern day farmer, KUHN's conditioners are built to withstand high speeds and adverse conditions with advanced suspension systems. More details on KUHN Mower Conditioners.

Mower Conditioners Series:
  • Mounted Disc Mower Conditioners
    • FC 283 GII
    • FC 313
  • Front Mounted Disc Mower Conditioners
    • FC 313 F/RF
  • Trailed Disc Mower Conditioners
    • ALTERNA 500
    • FC 243 TG/RTG
    • FC 283 TG/RTG
    • FC 303 GC/RGC
    • FC 303 GL
    • FC 313 TG/RTG
    • FC 352 G/RG
    • FC 353 GC RA
    • FC 353 GC/RGC
    • FC 4000 G/RG
  • Triple Head Disc Mower Conditioners
    • FC 813 R
    • FC 883 RA
    • FC 883

Offset Mowers for Roadsides, Ditches & Banks

KUHN offset mowers are ideal for agricultural, landscaping, commercial, and municipal applications. With a variety of widths and duty-grades to choose from, you can find the one that best suits your operation's needs. Offset mowers are great for maintaining ditches, roadsides, pond banks, creeksides, and the hard to reach area under hedges and low-hanging branches, and more. Choose the right knife for your applications. More details on KUHN Offset Mowers for Roadsides, Ditches & Banks.

Offset Mowers for Roadside, Ditch & Bank Series Lineup:
  • General Purpose Offset Mowers
    • TB 181
    • TB 211
  • Professional-Duty Roadside Mowers
    • RSM 180 – New
    • RSM 210 – New

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