Let KUHN Plows Help Bring You Higher Returns on This Years Crop

KUHN plows are backed by years of expert design and satisfied customers. With constant innovation and a keen understanding of the needs of the modern day farmer and rancher, KUHN utilizes the best in industry technology and advancements to keep you at the leading edge.

Choose from mounted roll-over plows, semi-mounted roll-over plows, and semi-mounted conventional plows. Each offers excellent results. Superior flotation means less soil compaction. Each series is available in a range of widths. Eliminate dead furrows and increase soil aeration in preparation for seeding. Get higher crop returns with KUHN. Heavy-duty construction and easy maintenance make these long lasting, dependable machines that will give you long years of reliable service.

KUHN knows farming equipment and hay tools. To find your KUHN plow or to learn more, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

KUHN Plow Lineup

Mounted Roll-Over Plow

KUHN's mounted roll-over plows, available in several different models and widths, offer top performance. Excellent flotation provides minimal soil compaction, while efficient design cuts down on labor time. Robust construction with reinforced parts ensure ultimate durability and provide years of dependable service. Adjustable gauge wheels give you maximum control over depth and positioning. More details on KUHN Mounted Roll-Over Plows.

Mounted Roll-Over Plow Series:
  • Master 102
  • Multi-Master 122
  • Multi-Master 152
  • Multi-Master 182
  • Vari-Master 122
  • Vari-Master 182

Semi-Mounted Conventional Plows

KUHN semi-mounted conventional plows are highly versatile, able to tackle nearly any application. With a choice of working widths and moldboards, and adjustable, modular frame design, you can tailor the plow to your specific needs. With increased clearance, extreme amounts of material and debris are no problem. With a self-sharpening profile, reinforced design, and quality construction, you can expect many years of dependable service. More details on KUHN Semi-Mounted Conventional Plows.

Semi-Mounted Conventional Plow Series:
  • Manager
  • Vari-Manager
  • Challenger

Semi-Mounted Roll-Over Plows

KUHN semi-mounted roll-over plows are available in a range of models with several widths and options to customize them to your operation's specific needs. These plows eliminate dead furrows and quality flotation reduces soil compaction, increasing your all-around efficiency and crop returns. Semi-mounted plows have the advantage over full-mounted rollovers because they can run more bodies on the same amount of power. More details on KUHN Semi-Mounted Roll-Over Plows.

Semi-Mounted Roll-Over Plow Series:
  • Vari-Lander

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