KUHN Spreaders. Precision Spread Patterns When You Need It

With constant innovation and a keen understanding of the needs of the modern day farmer and rancher, KUHN utilizes the best in industry technology and advancements to keep you at the leading edge. KUHN fertilizer spreaders and Salt Spreaders are built to deliver optimal results. Solid construction and quality design give you years of reliable service.

Cut costs, speed application, make adjustments quickly, and achieve greater precision and accuracy with KUHN broadcast spreaders. Designed for granular, prilled, and powdered fertilizers as well as seeds, maintaining the health of your field is easy. With widths of up to sixty feet, covering large acreages presents no problem. Placement controls allow you to alter spread patterns and flow without contacting the spreading discs themselves, keeping you safe from hazardous materials.

KUHN knows agricultural machinery. To find your KUHN fertilizer spreader, or to learn more, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

KUHN Spreader Lineup

Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader Linep

  • AXIS 30.1
  • AXIS 40.1 W
  • AXIS 40.1
  • MDS 10.1 – New
  • MDS 11.1 – New
  • MDS 12.1 – New
  • MDS 17.1 – New
  • MDS 19.1 – New

Salt & Sand Spreaders

KUHN salt and sand spreaders are developed specifically for winter applications. Safety is paramount in icy conditions, and these spreaders help alleviate treacherous conditions. Spread sand, salt, or lime on any paved surface, including roads, sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways. Designed to be optimally efficient, the spreader is built with steep, funneling walls to deliver a consistent feed to the spreading disc. Choose your spreading method, from trailing to pushing or mounting. More details on KUHN Salt and Sand Spreaders.

Salt & Sand Spreader Series:
  • VSA
  • VSA 360

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