No Matter Your Tillage Needs, KUHN Tillage Tools Are The Right Fit

KUHN tillage tools offer top performance. Backed by years of expert design and satisfied customers, KUHN farm equipment delivers the quality you demand. With constant innovation and a keen understanding of the needs of the modern day farmers, ranchers and agricultural developers, KUHN utilizes the best in industry technology and advancements to keep you at the leading edge.

A range of disk tools, power harrows, power tillers, and tine tillers round out KUHN's tillage tools lineup. KUHN serves small and large operations with a variety of models. The disk harrows are designed for large crop operations and allow for complete customization. Power harrows are available in both rigid and folding configurations, boasting lateral soil movement and versatile tines to work in any soil conditions. Power tillers and tine tillage tools grant ideal seed-to-soil contact.

KUHN knows farming equipment and tillage tools. To find your KUHN harrow or tiller, or to learn more, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

KUHN Tillage Lineup

Disks and Disk Combination Tools

KUHN disk harrows are available in a selection of models. They are designed for heavy-duty, professional-grade work, making them ideal for large crop operations and commercial contractors. Unique options in disk configuration allow total customization to achieve maximum productivity and soil penetration, no matter the soil type. Rigid construction and careful design mean these harrows will provide long lasting, hard working service. More details on KUHN Disks and Disk Combination Tools.

Disk & Disk Combination Series:
  • X Conventional Disks
    • Discover XL 52
    • Discover XL 60

Folding Plow Harrows

KUHN folding power harrows are the ultimate tool for moving soil. The unique, counter-rotating rotors are set vertically. Each rotor's two tines are set to mesh with the rotors next to it, resulting in lateral soil movement. With a choice of rigid or floating work position, and tines designed to match varying soil types, you can fully customize your power harrow to your operation's needs. More details on KUHN Folding Power Harrows.

Folding Power Harrow Series:
  • Folding Power Harrows HR 1004
    • HR 5004 R
    • HR 6004 R

Power Tillers

KUHN power tillers are immensely versatile tools which will increase your efficiency and performance. Several models are available in a variety of widths. They adapt well to suit an array of applications, and are fully customizable with a wide selection of rotor blades, which make them ideal for various soil types and conditions. Move and mix soil vertically and reduce compaction, ideally preparing for seeding. More details on KUHN Power Tillers.

Power Tiller Series:
  • Power tillers EL 23
    • EL 23-120
    • EL 23-150
  • Power Tillers EL 43
    • EL 43-105
    • EL 43-130
    • EL 43-150
    • EL 43-190
  • Power Tillers EL 53
    • EL 53-100
    • EL 53-130
    • EL 53-155
    • EL 53-190
  • Power Tillers EL 62
    • EL 62-130
    • EL 62-155
    • EL 62-165
    • EL 62-180
    • EL 62-210
  • Power Tillers EL 82
    • EL 82-130
    • EL 82-155
    • EL 82-180
    • EL 82-205
  • Power Tillers EL 92
    • EL 92-180
    • EL 92-205
    • EL 92-230
  • Power Tillers EL 122
    • EL 122-250
    • EL 122-300
  • Power Tillers EL 162
    • EL 162-250
    • EL 162-300
  • Power Tillers EL 201
    • EL 201-300
    • EL 201-400
  • Power Tillers EL 282
    • EL 282-300 – New
    • EL 282-400 – New
    • EL 282-450 – New

Rigid Power Harrows

KUHN rigid power harrows deliver unparalleled soil movement. Several compact, counter-rotating rotors are set vertically and intertwined with one another. Each is outfitted with two tines, which are fully customizable to handle various grades of soils and conditions. The intermeshed tines promote lateral soil movement. Choose from several models of power harrows to find the one that best suits your operation. More details on KUHN Rigid Power Harrows.

Rigid Power Harrow Series:
  • Power Harrows HRB 102
    • HRB 122
    • HRB 152
    • HRB 182
    • HRB 202
    • HRB 252 D
    • HRB 302 D
  • Power Harrows HRB 103
    • HRB 303
    • HRB 353
    • HRB 403 D
  • Power Harrows HR 1004
    • HR 3004 – New
    • HR 3504 – New
    • HR 4004 – New
    • HR 4504 – New

Tine Tillage Tools

KUHN tine tillage tools are ideal soil looseners, providing optimal seed bed preparation. These tillage tools can increase your productivity when used in tandem with power tillers and power harrows. Alternatively, use them on their own to relieve soil compaction and encourage premium tilth. The sub-soilers promotes soil to seed contact, soil aeration, and water infiltration, while reducing the risks of erosion. More details on KUHN Tine Tillage Tools.

Tine Tillage Series:
  • Sub-Soilers (for HR and EL)
    • DC 301
    • DC 401

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