Use KUHN Hay Wrappers To Better Your Livestock Feed

KUHN bale wrappers can increase the quality of and returns on your crop. With constant innovation and a keen understanding of the needs of the modern day farmer, rancher, hay and alfalfa producers, KUHN utilizes the best in industry technology and advancements to keep you at the leading edge.

KUHN square and round bale wrappers provide the best in storage preparation for your silage harvest. Preserve nutrients and succulence and increase the overall value and quality of your crop. These balers are available in several models and configurations to ideally suit changing field and crop conditions. Pre-stretchers and film cutters, as well as belts to correct film overlap, ensure even wrapping and protection. Choose the industry's most versatile wrappers, from stationary to trailed, from standard- to super-heavy- duty.

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KUHN Hay Bale Wrapper Lineup

Round Bale Wrappers

KUHN round baler wrappers come in both mounted and trailed models. Prevent nutrient loss and prepare your crops for storage with efficient bale wrappers. Each model is outfitted with standard pre-stretchers and automatic film cutters. Belts provide optimal traction while simultaneously correcting film overlap. Intuitive controls make it easy to operate, reducing time and labor and increasing your productivity. More details on KUHN Round Bale Wrappers.

Round Bale Wrapper Series:
  • Mounted round bale wrappers
    • RW 1100 - New
  • Trailed round bale wrappers
    • RW 1400 - New
    • RW 1600 - New

Square Bale Wrappers

KUHN square bale wrappers lock in essential nutrients in your silage and feed crops, so they maintain value and quality in transportation and storage. Choose between mounted and trailed models. All models are fitted with pre-stretchers and automatic film cutters. For accurate bale rotation and film overlap, square bale wrappers are outfitted with adjustable steel rollers. With various control options, you can find the one that works best for you. More details on KUHN Square Bale Wrappers.

Square Bale Wrapper Series:
  • Mounted square bale wrappers
    • SW 1104 - New
  • Trailed square bale wrappers
    • SW 1604 - New

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