Promote Ideal Soil with Land Pride Aerators & Crimpers

Land Pride offers the best in farm equipment and and land management tools. Land Pride aerators have become the go-to tool for promoting air circulation in a variety of environments. With a keen understanding of both agricultural and commercial needs, Land Pride designs tractor implements to be compatible, long lasting, and hard wearing.

Core aerators from Land Pride are outfitted with hardened steel spoons that remove uniform, clean cores of earth, promoting ventilation and relieving hard packed soil. Land Pride’s pasture aerators feature twisted knives which move soil vertically and laterally, loosening compaction while aerating. Lay down and protect seed in adverse conditions with a straw crimper by Land Pride. Sturdy crimping wheels lock the straw in place over your seed, promoting an ideal growth environment. New Mexico Machinery offers a wide range of seeders, plows, tillage tools and spreaders to accommodate Land Prides aerators.

For exceptional quality, durability, and productivity, look no further than Land Pride farm machinery. To find your Land Pride aerators and crimpers, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

Land Pride Aerator & Crimper Lineup

Core Aerators

Land Pride Core Aerators are the ideal tool to promote air circulation and relieve soil compaction in lawns, athletic fields, and municipal recreational areas. Rotating discs are equipped with hardened steel spoons that lift cores of earth, leaving clean holes. The subsequent soil deposits are left on the surface to dry. All three series are outfitted to accommodate additional weight for optimal spoon penetration, with either a platform for weights or an optional water tank. More details on Land Pride Core Aerators.

Model Category Width Features
CA05 N/A N/A Easily improve the vitality of your turf
CA15 N/A N/A Easily improve the vitality of your turf
CA25 Cat. 1 48”, 60”, 72” Easily improve the vitality of your turf

Pasture Aerators

Land Pride pasture aerators dramatically increase soil health. The 8” twisted, knife-like tines not only lift the soil, but fracture it sideways, optimizing soil absorption of water, fertilizer, and oxygen. Get the most out of your conservation tillage applications and pasture renovations. Optional concrete weights are designed to fit on the aerator, promoting maximum aeration depth. Available in 8’ and 10’ widths, choose the pasture aerator to fit your operation. More details on Land Pride Pasture Aerators.

Model Category Width Features
AR25 Pull-type 8’, 10’ Designed with a twist to lift while fracturing the soil sideways

Straw Crimpers

The Land Pride CR25 straw crimper protects grass seed and top soil in adverse environments such as roadways and residential or municipal areas. Designed to be compatible with most tractors suitable for landscaping, the 72” crimper is ideal for roadside and landscape tasks both large and small. You can choose to equip your straw crimper with water tanks to provide easy weight to help drive the crimping discs into even compacted, tough soil. More details on Land Pride Straw Crimpers.

Model Category Width Features
CR25 Cat. 1 72” Ensure less soil erosion and better seed emergence by distributing straw over newly seeded area.

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