Land Pride Rotary Tillers, Cultivators & Tractor Implements Make Your Next Job Easy

Land Pride is a trusted name in farm equipment and commercial tools. The rotary tillers<, box scrapers, soil pulverizers, power rakes, and rear blades are the preferred industry standard. With a keen understanding of both agricultural and commercial landscaping needs, Land Pride designs tractor implements to last and that's proven by the number of Kubota, Case IH, John Deere, New Holland and other industry leading tractor owners that depend on Land Pride rotary tillers, cultivators, blades, scrapers, pulverizers, rakes and scarifier year round.

Serving the needs of homeowners, commercial producers, and municipal workers alike, Land Pride offers landscape and construction tools for a variety of tasks. Designed with durability in mind, these rakes, levelers, tillers, and cultivators deliver high performance year in and year out. Versatile implements increase productivity and decrease costs. Dependability and economy are Land Pride bywords. Count on Land Pride attachments to take care of any task.

For exceptional quality, durability, and productivity, look no further than Land Pride. To find your Land Pride landscaping and construction equipment, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

Land Pride Landscape & Construction Tool Linuep

Rotary Tillers

Land Pride Rotary Tillers are available in two series – the standard RTA series and the reverse-till RTR series. Both series offer multiple models suitable to a range of applications, from small farms to large commercial operations. With model widths from 42” to 76”, tilling is fast and efficient. Reverse-till action provides even higher productivity, requiring fewer passes. Avoid “walking” over hard ground with reverse action which forces the tines into the soil. More details on Land Pride Rotary Tillers.

Model Horsepower Cutting Width Features
RTR05 Up to 25 HP 42”, 50” Perfect fit for the sub-compact tractor!
RTA10 17-25 HP 42”, 50”, 58” Work closer to obstructions with offset capabilities
RTR10 17-30 HP 42”, 50”, 58” Choose the reverse till width to fit your tractor!
RTA15 17-35 HP 50”, 58” Gain additional reach with sideshift capabilities
RTR15 17-35 HP 50”, 58” Reverse-till, sized right for compact tractors
RTA20 23-40 HP 64”, 72” We have the sizes & models to fit your needs
RTR20 23-40 HP 64, 72” Save time with reverse rotation. Reverse Rotation!
RTA25 25-55 HP 62”, 70” Just right for heavy-duty tilling jobs
RTR25 25-55 HP 70” Puts debris beneath the finer soil particles. Reverse Rotation!
RTA35 35-75 HP 76” Built with commercial jobs in mind

Rear Blades & Trip Blades

Land Pride Blades are tough enough to handle any job, large or small. Landscaping, general farm use, construction, feedlot cleanup, and even snow removal are easy with a selection of rear blades and trip blades. With eleven models to choose from, you’re sure to find the tool to suit your operation. Light duty blades begin at 48” widths, while heavy duty blades stretch all the way to 12’ widths! More details on Land Pride Rear Blades / Trip Blades.

Model Horsepower Cutting Width Features
RB05 17-25 HP 48”, 60” Light-duty maintenance & landscaping
RB15 17-40 HP 60”, 72”, 84” Ideal for small landscape jobs
RBT15 17-40 HP 60" , 72" , 84" Tilt option for light ditching
RB25 25-60 HP 72”, 84”, 96” Handle light road grading tasks
RB35 35-80 HP 72”, 84”, 96” Perfect for large landscaping duties
RBT35 35-80 HP 72”, 84”, 96” 96” Blade width, 3-Way Hydraulics
RBT40 65-100 HP 84”, 96”, 108” 3-Way hydraulics for all around farm use
RBT45 70-125 HP 96”, 108” Angle, Tilt or Offset
RBT55 90-180 HP 120” Make changes on the go with 3-way hydraulics
RBT60 Up to 225 HP 10’, 12’  
TB25 30-80 HP 96” or 108” Skid Steer or Front Loader Plate Mounted

Grading Scrapers

Land Pride Grading Scrapers are designed to be tough and durable. With reversible heat-treated, high carbon cutting edges, you can expect a long life from your scraper. The cutting edges are replaceable for easy maintenance and low overheads. Heat treated scarifier shanks and replaceable skid shoes ensure strength and structural integrity. Level construction sites, prep turf areas, renovate roads, and clean up around the farm with ease. More details on Land Pride Grading Scrapers.

Model Category Width Features
GS15 Cat. 1 48”, 60”, 72” Ideal for renovating gravel and roads
GS25 Cat. 1 & 2 84”, 96” Great for leveling turf and construction sites

Box Scrapers

Land Pride Box Scrapers are the ideal tools for leveling and grading applications. With models in Fixed Bar as well as Retractable styles and widths ranging from 42” to 96”, there’s a box scraper for you. Designed with structural integrity in mind, these scrapers will hold up in the toughest tasks and last for years to come. The BB05 is suited to a subcompact tractor, like the Kubota B-Series while the hydraulic retractable HR35 is ideal for larger operations. More details on Land Pride Box Scrapers.

Model Horsepower Cutting Width Features
BB05 17-25 HP 42”, 48”, 54” Sized right for the subcompact tractor!
BB15 17-25 HP 48”, 54”, 60”, 66”,72” Great for leveling, finish grading & backfilling
BB25 25-40 HP 60”, 66”, 72”, 84”, 96” Ideal for building sites, feedlots & outdoor arenas
HR25 30-60 HP 72” Hydraulic Retractable
HR35/HRL35 40-65 HP    
HR3584, HRL3578 Hydraulic Scarifier Control   Available in high or low back
MR15 20-40 HP 72” Mechanical Retractable

Soil Pulverizers

Land Pride Soil Pulverizers prepare the ground for seeding or new sod, loosening and leveling compacted earth. The single or double spiked rollers and heat-treated sleeves make short work of encrusted soils. With a variety of widths to choose from, they are ideal for a range of operations from landscaping to construction, and are well suited to golf course, nursery, and municipal applications. More details on Land Pride Soil Pulverizes.

Model Horsepower Cutting Width Features
SP20 25-35 HP 60”, 72” Ideal tool for landscapers, nurseries and general contractors
SP30 30-50 HP 72”, 84” Available with single or double spiked rollers to break up tough soil conditions

Powered Rakes

Land Pride Powered Rakes, in standard and skid steer mounted models, are the ideal multitasking tool. With seed bed as well as a soil surface preparation, the rakes are prized by turf care professionals and landscapers. The SR26 skid steer mounted rake economically increases the versatility and productivity of your skid steer. Perfect for pulverizing, grading, leveling, raking, and windrowing various soil types, they More details on Land Pride Powered Rakes.

Model Horsepower Cutting Width Features
PR16 25-45 HP 60”, 72”, 90” Just right for the landscaper, perfect for working around new housing
SR26 N/A 72”, 90” A great way to increase your investment in your skid steer!

Landscape Rakes

Land Pride Landscape Rakes are equipped to handle any task, from light duty landscaping to heavy duty construction applications. With high carbon spring steel teeth, they stand up to tough jobs. With reversing and angling capabilities, they meet specific finishing requirements. Optional gauge wheels on some models ensure even leveling over ground contours. Clean sites, prepare soil, and maintain farms and recreational areas with these landscape rakes. More details on Land Pride Landscape Rakes.

Model Horsepower Cutting Width Features
LR05 15-20 HP 48”, 60” Ideal for light duty landscaping needs
LR15 20-35 HP 60”, 72”, 84”, 96” Designed for raking rocks, dirt & sand
LR25 25-50 HP 84”, 96” The perfect tool to clean & prepare a site for seeding
LR35 30-60 HP 84”, 96” Ideal for general maintenance around farms, parks & beaches


Land Pride Scarifiers, built with heat treated steel shanks, are designed to rip, loosen, and reshape the soil profile in even compacted and encrusted soils. With four ripping depths and 60” to 72” widths, choose the model that best suits your operation. Just like the Land Prides landscape rake and rear blade you can expect increased effectiveness and efficiency. Ideal for the needs of contractors and landscapers, the easy 3-point hitch makes it easy to install. More details on Land Pride Scarifiers.

Model Horsepower Cutting Width Features
SF25 25-50 HP 66”, 77” Work in unison with our 15 & 25 Series Landscape Rakes & Rear

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