Land Pride Mowers and Cutters Cut Costs and Deliver Quality

Land Pride is a trusted name in farm equipment and commercial tools. The tractor lawn mowers, grooming mowers, finishing mowers, and flail mowers are industry standards. With a keen understanding of both agricultural and commercial needs, Land Pride designs tractor implements to be compatible, long lasting, and hard wearing.

Serving the needs of homeowners and commercial producers alike, Land Pride offers maneuverable zero turn mowers, professional grade grooming mowers, discreet flail mowers, and workhorse tractor cutter rotary mowers. Designed with strength and durability in mind proven by the number of  Kubota, Case IH, John Deere, New Holland and other industry leading tractor operators who still use Land Pride mowers and cutters in their day-to-day operations. These mowers deliver high performance year in and year out. Versatile implements increase productivity and decrease costs. Dependability and economy are Land Pride bywords. Count on Land Pride attachments to take care of any task. Land Pride and Kubota have formed a strategic alliance giving Certified Land Pride Dealers the ability to match your need for performance implements with your need for the highest quality tractors available.

For exceptional quality, durability, and productivity, look no further than Land Pride. To find your Land Pride mower, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

Land Pride Mower & Cutter Lineup

Zero Turn Mowers

Land Pride Zero Turn Mowers provide ideal grounds maintenance and outstanding maneuverability. Corners, trees, and other obstacles are no problem. Save time and increase productivity from the comfortable seat of your compact zero turn mower. Count on the years of experience and craftsmanship of Land Pride. With durable parts and exceptional performance, these mowers will provide years of dependable service. More details on Land Pride Zero Turn Mowers.

Model Horsepower Cutting Width Features
ZXT Pro 24-26 HP 54”, 60” Mow like a Pro with the ZXT Pro
LP Razor 18-26 HP 44”, 52” Residential Zero Turn Mower
Z Series 20-26 HP 48”, 54” Residential Zero Turn Mower
ZSR Series 24-26 HP 54”, 60” Residential Zero Turn Mower
ZTi Series 26-31 HP 54”, 60” Commercial-Duty Zero Turn Mower
LP Accu-Z 24-30 HP 60”, 72” Commercial-Duty Zero Turn Mower

Grooming Mowers

Land Pride 3-Point Grooming Mowers can handle any task, from the needs of a homeowner to large-scale commercial applications. Precise and powerful, they’re built with a floating 3-point system which grants superior, consistent cutting height on uneven terrain and around obstacles. Riding on four wheel, the frame provides strength and takes the shocks of the terrain, diverting it from the mower deck. Rear-discharge prevents unattractive windrows for a clean, professional look. More details on Land Pride Grooming Mowers.

Model Horsepower Cutting Width Features
FDR16 Rear Discharge 15-30 HP 48”, 60", 72" Keep grass out of unwanted areas
FDR25 Rear Discharge 15-45 HP 72”, 84" Wide, even disbursement with rear discharge
FDR35 Rear Discharge 25-60 HP 90” No rear chains to clump your clippings

All-Flex Grooming Mowers

Land Pride All-Flex Mowers are ideal for the needs of sod farms and municipal grounds maintenance and commercial landscaping. Designed to cut even springy, lush type turf grasses, each of the four models boasts unique features for a range of applications. The AFM4216-40 boasts zero turn capabilities, while the AFM4214-40 has a narrow transport width. The flex mowers follow ground contours to deliver finely groomed surfaces over uneven terrain. More details on Land Pride All-Flex Grooming Mowers.

Model Horsepower Cutting Width Features
AFM4211 30-65 HP 11'1" Golf courses, city parks & schools
AFM4214 40-70 HP 14' Narrow transport width meets city requirements
AFM4216 40-70 HP 16'8" Deck overlap for zero turn capabilities
AFM4522 65-100 HP 22' Perfect for sod farms

Flail Mowers

Land Pride Flail Mowers are ideal for use in public or recreational areas where people might be in the near vicinity. As the mower passes over the turf, the residue is typically on the ground before the mower head moves on, meaning residue stays on the ground rather than being kicked into the air. With precision cutting and durable construction, these models can handle anything from general landscaping to shredding orchard and crop debris. More details on Land Pride Flail Mowers.

Model Horsepower Cutting Width Features
FM21 55 HP 60”, 72” Just right for schools, golf courses & corporate campuses
FM31 80 HP 88” Ideal for grass cutting & shredding
FM41 80 HP 88” Chop & shred tree & vineyard debris


Land Pride Rotary Cutters are designed for gently sloped or contoured turf. With a range of models, you can find the right one for your operation. There are models built to accommodate light-duty jobs, ideal for homeowners, to heavy-duty models designed to tackle the demanding needs of agricultural material handling, there is a rotary cutter for you. Safety features and durable construction provide years of reliable service. More details on Land Pride Cutters.

Model Horsepower Cutting Width Features
RCR15 15-50 HP 42”, 48” Light-duty, clearing grass, weeds & light brush
RCR18 20-65 HP 60”, 72” Also ideal for clearing grass, weeds & light brush
RCR1884 45-90 HP 84” Single or Dual Gauge Wheels
RCR25 30-110 HP 96”, 10” A perfect fit for any size of farm.
RCR26 40-130 HP 60”, 72” Round back design for more efficient handling of material
RCR2684 60-130 HP 84” Perfect for smaller tractors
RCR35 50-120 HP 96”, 10’ Ideal for right-of-ways, pastures & set aside acres

Skid Steer Cutters & Mowers

The Land Pride SC26 Skid Steer Cutter is ideal for uneven terrain. With a universal skid steer hitch for easy installation, you can cut labor time and increase your productivity. Excellent flotation provides a consistent cut over ground contours, while the hydraulic relief valve prevents damage due to overload. These safety and maintenance features ensure years of reliable and dependable service. Take look at the line of skid steers and track loaders offered by New Mexico Machinery. More details on Land Pride Skid Steer Cutters.

Model Horsepower Cutting Width Features
SC26 Various FLow Requirements 60" , 72" Skid Steer Rotary Cutter

Folding Deck Cutters

Land Pride Folding Deck Rotary Cutters can handle any job from maintaining a small estate to grooming open grassy areas to shredding row crop residue. With a range of models, you can find the right one for your operation. A great match for the dependable line of Kubota tractors. With model-dependent cutting widths of ten to twenty feet, as well as features like self-leveling hitches or spring cushioned wheel arms, hug ground contours for a consistent and even cut. More details on Folding Deck Cutters.

Model Horsepower Cutting Width Features
RC5014 Offset 70-250 HP 14' 14’ Cutting Width
RC5510 Offset 50-250 HP 10' Heavy-Duty Offset Cutter
RC6510 Offset 50-250 HP 10' Extra-Heavy-Duty Offset Cutter
RCR3515 50-125 HP 15' Medium-duty for wide open grassy areas
RC3615 50-160 HP 15' Medium-duty Smooth top
RC5515 50-250 HP 15' Smooth Top Design on the top and underneath!
RC5615 50-250 HP 15' Smooth top and bottom design
RCC5615 50-250 HP 15' Adjustable wheel spacing for Row Crop Shredding
RC6515 50-250 HP 15' The Dominator – with a Smooth Top & Underside!
RC5020 70-250 HP 20' Largest cutting width in the family!

Parallel Arm Rotary Cutters

Land Pride Hydraulic Parallel Arm Rotary Cutters provide maximum productivity on even tough terrain. They are designed especially for roadside maintenance, ditch banks, and other sloping areas, not to mention hard to reach turf like under hedges and overhanging branches. With two models to choose from, you can finish any job. The RCP3060 model can reach over 18 feet horizontally. A breakaway feature protects the cutter arm, giving you years of reliable and productive service. More details on Parallel Arm Rotary Cutters.

Model Horsepower Cutting Width Features
RCP26 75-150 HP 60” Increase your reach with our Hydraulic Parallel Arm Cutter
RCP30 95-175 HP 60” Longer Reach than the RCP26 Parallel Arm Cutter

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