Post Hole Diggers & Augers From Land Pride Dig Into Any Project

Land Pride is a trusted name in farm equipment and commercial tools. Land Pride post hole diggers have become the industry standards for Kuboa tractor owners. With a keen understanding of both agricultural and commercial needs, Land Pride designs tractor implements to be compatible, long lasting, and hard wearing.

Serving the needs of homeowners, commercial producers, and municipal workers alike, Land Pride offers auger attachments for a variety of tasks. Designed with durability in mind, these 3-point or hydraulic tractor mounted diggers deliver high performance year in and year out. A skid steer mounted model increases your existing equipment’s utility. Dependability and economy are Land Pride bywords. Count on Land Pride attachments to take care of any task. Land Prides hydraulic reservoir system gives you uninterrupted operational capabilities meaning your be home in time for dinner.

For exceptional quality, durability, and productivity, look no further than Land Pride. To find your Land Pride post hole digger, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

Model HP/GPM Auger Size Features
PD10 15-30 HP 6”, 9”, 12” Augers Sized for subcompact tractors
PD15 20-40 HP 6”, 9”, 12” Augers Ideal for digging post holes
PD25 25-55 HP 6” - 24” Augers Ideal for a wide variety of applications
PD35 30-75 HP 6” - 24” Augers Built for tough industrial jobs
HD25 5-12 GPM 6” - 24” Augers Hydraulic driven: bucket mount or 3-pt tractor mount
HD35 10-25 GPM 6” - 24” Augers Hydraulic driven: bucket mount or 3-pt tractor mount
SA35 15-25 GPM 9” - 36” Augers Universal fit & increased maneuverability
SAC35 25 GPM 6” - 24” Augers Skid Steer or Front Loader Plate Mounted

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