Let Land Pride Seeders & Spreaders Help You Get the Most From The Growing Season

Land Pride is a trusted name in farm equipment and commercial tools. Land Pride seeders and spreaders have become industry standard for seeding grass, turf, sod farms, and food plots. With a keen understanding of both agricultural and commercial needs, Land Pride designs tractor implements to be compatible, long lasting, and hard wearing.

Serving the needs of large land owners, agricultural producers, farmers and municipal landscapers alike, Land Pride offers an array of seeders, overseeders, and rotary and pendulum spreaders. Land Pride seeders and spreaders deliver excellent results for Kubota, Case IH, John Deere, New Holland and other industry leading tractor operators. The Plot Ranger is a combination soil preparer, seed planter, and finishing roller, making seeding fast and easy.

Overseeders revitalize existing turf or help establish new grass stands. A selection of spreaders lays down seed and fertilizer without fuss. Increase your landscaping, agricultural and commercial operation's productivity. For best results consider prepping your soil with a Land Pride aerator.

For exceptional quality, durability, and productivity, look no further than Land Pride. To find your Land Pride seeders and spreaders, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

Land Pride Seeder & Spreader Lineup


Land Pride OS1572 Overseeders revitalize existing stands of grass and are ideal in establishing new turf. With a choice of two knives, you can decide how you want the slits to receive new seed; standard straight knives pull up turf while curved knives provide minimum surface disturbance. With outstanding metering, you can set the hoses to deliver directly into knife-cut ground slits or set them to broadcast a wider coverage. More details on Land Pride Overseeders.

Model Horsepower Coverage Features
OS15 25-60 HP 48”, 72” Ideal to overseed existing stand of grass & establish new turf

Primary Seeders

Nearly three decades of expertise goes into the design of Land Pride primary seeders. Compatible with most any type of turf grass as well as other crops like alfalfa or clover, standard fluted seed cups ensure even and consistent metering. With three models to choose from, you can find the right seeder for your landscaping, farming, or commercial applications. Get optimal soil to seed contact with spring loaded rollers. More details on Land Pride Primary Seeders.

Model Horsepower/Cat. Coverage Features
PS15 50 HP 72” Narrow profile is ideal for landscape applications
PSN20 Cat. 2 & 3 or Pull-type 8’ Main box has Native Grass seed cups
PS25 Cat. 2 or Pull-Type 10’ 30 bushel seedbox reduces downtime – ideal for the sod farmer

Food Plot Seeders

The Land Pride FPS48 Plot Ranger food plot seeder is a one-step machine; it breaks up and opens compacted soil with heavy-duty disk blades, then it spreads seed with Land Pride’s standard quality metering, finishing the process off with a fluted, trailing roller which provides ideal soil-to-seed contact. Ideal for game food plots, it can also be used to spread fertilizer, soil conditioners, and even salt for winter conditions. More details on Land Pride Food Plot Seeders.

Model Horsepower/Cat. Coverage Features
FPS48 Cat. 1 48” Affordability for game food plots

All-Purpose Seeders

Land Pride APS15 all-purpose seeders is available in four models in widths ranging from 4’ to 7’. It’s ground driven, preventing gaps or excess in seed placement. Designed specifically to work best in prepared seedbeds or for overseeding applications, they’re flexible and versatile to deliver quality performance in your seeding and turf needs. Strong construction and easy use ensure durability and dependability. More detailes on Land Pride All-Purpose Seeders.

Model Coverage Features
APS15 48”, 60”, 72”, 86” Perfect tool for any landscape


Land Pride spreaders come in several models of both rotary/spin type broadcast spreaders as well as pendulum type broadcast spreaders. Ideal for spreading seed, fertilizer, soil conditioning agents, and top dressings, let these spreaders do double duty as salt and sand spreaders in icy conditions. With adjustable spread patterns and uniform delivery rates, you can tackle landscaping and commercial applications with confidence. More details on Land Pride Spreaders.

Model Hopper Capacity Features
FSP500, FSP700, FSP1000 350 lbs, 563 lbs or 673 lbs. The smooth, seamless inner wall allows materail to flow freely for complete


Land Pride seed bed rollers are an excellent finishing tool offering the perfect results for roadsides, golf course and landscaping applications. Look no further for your landscape finishing tools than New Mexico Machinery. Use the SBR Category 1, 72" Seedbed Roller in connection with a variety of spreaders, drag harrows and disc harrows to give you the best planting outcome. Great for large grassy areas or reclamation sites. A great combination tool providing results in a multitude of situations. More details on Seed Bed Rollers.

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