Rhino Loaders. Compact, Utility, Brush Grapple & Ag Loader At Their Best

Rhino has been in the agricultural business for over 50 years. The leading innovators for decades, Rhino tractor loaders are built to work hard for you, and you can trust in their quality, reliability, and value. Serving the specialty needs of farmers and ranchers as well as the broad needs of municipal and commercial work, Rhino has equipment and tractor attachments for any task.

Front end loaders, brush grapples, and AG loaders - Rhino has the tools you want. With the Kubota Value Series, find a farm tractor loader to increase your productivity. Rhino's compact and utility loaders give you high performance loader buckets and boom arms. They are ideal for work in feedlots and around the home.

You can trust Rhino's strong foundation built on decades of experience and expertise. Whatever your needs, Rhino has you covered. To find your Rhino loader, contact New Mexico Machinery. Call today or fill out our contact form!

Rhino Loader Lineup

Rhino Kubota Value Series Loader

Kubota 1400-1500-1600 Series loaders are compatible with a range of Kubota tractors models. Though easy on your wallet, they're hard on the job, with models capable of lifting 3,097 lbs. Each of these loaders features a quick-attach design, making installment and removal fast and easy. With the exception of the 1480, all models are equipped with a skid steer style attachment device. These economical loaders work hard for you. More details on Rhino Kubota Value Series.

Uses and Applications:
  • Homeowners
  • Farms
  • Ranches
  • Rural Lifestyle
  • Rental Fleets
  • Utility Contractor
  • Loaders in the Rhino 1400-1500-1600 Series are designed to fit on specific Kubota tractors, ranging from the popular L2800 to the hardworking M9540
  • Lift Heights of 102” to 127” and lift capacities of 1,250 lbs. to 3,097 lbs. keep these loaders working hard for you
  • All 1400-1500-1600 Series loaders are quick attach design, allowing the operator to quickly remove the loader when it is not needed and quickly reinstall it when it is needed again
  • Skid Steer style quick attach device and bucket are standard on all the loaders in this series except the 1480
  • The 1400-1500-1600 Series Loaders install rapidly, getting your tractor to work as quickly as possible
  • Grille Guards are included as standard equipment with each Loader to protect your tractor's front end

Rhino Compact Loaders

Ideal for use by homeowners, farmers, and small utility contractors, Rhino compact loaders are available in seven models to suit your operation. With lift capacities of up to 1,352 lbs (depending on model), they can match your compact tractor's capabilities. With an exclusive trapezoidal loader cross member, expect superior dependability and strength. Two models also have the option to equip with a skid steer style Quick Attach device. More details on Rhino Compact Loaders.

Uses and Applications:
  • Homeowners
  • Farms
  • Rental Fleets
  • Small Utility Contractor
  • Mounts available for tractors from 10 to 45 PTO Horsepower
  • Lift Heights 75” to 98” and lift capacities from 845 lbs. to 1,352 lbs. allow Rhino loaders to match the tractor's capabilities
  • “TL” loaders are designed with curved boom styling to match the smooth lines of many compact tractors
  • Rhino's unique trapezoidal loader cross member provides outstanding strength and years of dependable service
  • Skid Steer style Quick Attach device and attachments are available on the 2408 and 2408TL loaders

Compact Loader 2405 2406 2406S 2406TL 2407TL 2408 2408TL
Tractor H.P. Range 10-20 HP 10 - 20 HP 10 - 20 HP 15-25 HP 20-30 HP 25-35 HP 25-45 HP
Maximum lift height to pivot pin (A) 75" 76" 77" 73" 85" 98" 97"
Clearance with bucket dumped (C) 60" 57" 57" 50" 66" 76" 75"
Reach at maximum lift height (D) 17" 22" 22" 26" 30" 25" 27"
Maximum dump angle (E) 40° 44° 43° 50° 45° 46° 46°
Reach with bucket on ground (F) 42" 53" 54" 50" 59" 62" 65"
Maximum rollback angle (G) 15° 22° 21° 25° 25° 17° 25°
Digging depth (H) 3" 4" 4" 3" 4" 4" 4"
Lift cap. to max height at pivot pin (U) 845 lbs. 795 lbs. 775 lbs. 850 lbs. 1035 lbs. 1331 lbs. 1352 lbs.
Breakout force at pivot pin (Y) 1435 lbs 1711 lbs. 1472 lbs. 1630 lbs. 1770 lbs. 2291 lbs. 2448 lbs.

Utility Loader

Available in six models, Rhino utility loaders are excellent for use on farms, ranches, and in commercial contractor applications. Designed to operate with 30 to 60 hp tractors, they're built to match capabilities with some models reaching 3,141 lb lifting power. With a curved boom for strength and style and a trapezoidal cross member for added rigidity, you can count on your loader for dependable service for years to come. More details on Rhino Utility Loaders.

Uses and Applications:
  • Rural Lifestyle
  • Farms
  • Ranches
  • Rental Fleets
  • Commercial Contractors
  • Mounts available for Utility sized tractors from 30 to 60 PTO Horsepower
  • Lift Heights from 106” to 120” and lift capacities from 1,790 lbs. to 3,141 lbs make Rhino loaders well suited for almost any job around the place
  • The 2409TL loader is designed with curved boom styling to match the smooth lines of many of today's tractors
  • The 2491 offers dual lift heights (9' or 10'), depending on the position of the lift cylinder. This added versatility makes the 2491 well suited for a wide range of jobs
  • Rhino's unique trapezoidal cross member adds the strength and rigidity needed for years of dependable service
  • Skid Steer style Quick Attach devices and a wide range of attachments are available on all of Rhino's Utility sized loaders, making them the most productive tool on the place!
Utility Loader 2409 2409TL 3110
Tractor H.P. Range 30-45 HP 35-55 35-85 HP
Maximum lift height to pivot pin (A) 106" 112.5" 119"
Clearance with bucket dumped (C) 86" 90.5" 93"
Reach at maximum lift height (D) 24" 17.8" 33"
Maximum dump angle (E) 44° 47° 42°
Reach with bucket on ground (F) 62" 63.6" 69"
Maximum rollback angle (G) 17° 22.5° 24°
Digging depth (H) 6" 5.5" 2"
Lift cap. to max height at pivot pin (U) 1,790 lbs 2,800 lbs 2,720 lbs
Breakout force at pivot pin (Y) 4,920 lbs 3,890 lbs 6,530 lbs

Brush Grapple

Rhino's new line of brush grapples, available in three models, deliver the power and durability to help homeowners, farmers, and ranches to clear debris. 60”, 72”, and 84” grapples make it easy to tailor your machine to your operation's needs. They are also compatible with Euro-style and universal skid steer Quick Attach devices. More details on Rhino Brush Grapples.

Uses and Applications:
  • Rural Lifestyle
  • Farms
  • Ranches
  • Land Clearing
  • Commercial Contractors


Brush Grapple BG 60 BG 72 BG 84
Width 60" 72" 84"
Max. Grapple Opening 35" 35" 35"
Grapple Inside Depth 25" 25" 25"
# of Cylinders 2 2 2
Cylinder Size 2-1/2" x 8" 2-1/2"x8" 2-1/2" x 8"
Quick Attach Style Skid Steer Universal Skid Steer Universal Skid Steer Universal
Weight 440 lbs 490 lbs 530 lbs

Rhino Ag Loader

Rhino's AG loader series are the ideal tool for farms, ranches, feedlots, and industrial contractors. With a choice of five models with lift heights of up to 150” and lift capacities of up to 5,660 lbs, they can handle the most demanding job. Some models have the option of adding a skid steer style quick attach device, and comes standard on the 6212 loader. For durability, productivity, and efficiency, look no further. More details o Rhino AG Loader

Uses and Applications:
  • Farms
  • Ranches and Feedlots
  • Large Rural Lifestyle
  • Utility and Industrial Contractor
AG Loader 5211 102QX 2412 6212
Tractor H.P. Range 75-120 HP 60-100 HP 90-130 HP 90-160 HP
Maximum lift height to pivot pin (A) 134" 125" 148" 150"
Clearance with bucket dumped (C) 99" 101" 115" 114"
Reach at maximum lift height (D) 50" 39" 40" 42"
Maximum dump angle (E) 60° 42° 50° 45°
Reach with bucket on ground (F) 88" 74" 90" 95"
Maximum rollback angle (G) 38° 22° 12° 22°
Digging depth (H) 6.0" 6.5" 7" 6"
Lift cap. to max height at pivot pin (U) 2850 lbs 2699 lbs 4150 lbs 5658 lbs
Breakout force at pivot pin (Y) 7850 lbs 5640 lbs 8250 lbs 7860 lbs

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